6 thoughts on “هيدا جونا هيدا نحنا

  1. Alphonse

    ..including el Khabeer who is stuck in the same traffic jam 3 kilometers behind 🙂

    Maybe in such situations the insurance companies should allow the drivers to take a couple of photos (let it be 20 if you want, and from various angles for that matter..) in a matter of minutes, then remove the cars before the expert shows up, just to ease the flow??

    Mobiles with cameras are ubiquitous nowadays, and have enough resolution to capture all the details.

    Wishful thinking i guess..

  2. Gianni

    What khabeer? Whomever has the right connections will get the favorable report…or whomever bribes him better!! It does not look like a big deal; they should be allowed to pull over and go report to a police station…

  3. Phoenix

    What’s up with the “system” of keeping the cars in place until an “expert” checks them up?

    Isn’t there a better way of doing things.

  4. Desmond Bey

    My insurance tells me to “never admit fault” and to “never move the vehicle unless told to by a police officer”.
    I’m never wrong so the first part is easy but try and find a cop when you need one….!

  5. Sarine

    Is it really their fault if our freeways don’t have shoulders on the sides? That way, people would be able to pull over to the side without causing traffic…


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