10 thoughts on “18 million dollars gone to waste

  1. M

    Simple Math:
    10,400,000 – 7,000,000 = 3,400,000 M $ –> Where did they go? into whom’s pocket?
    If they were kept aside, it should help save from the new required amount!! IF!!

    1. A

      you’re doing it wrong, he said it already cost 7M, and now it will cost an additional 10.4M to finish, so 7 + 10.4 = 17.4M.. 0.6M frata ma 7ada bye7ke fiyon 3ayb

  2. maya

    Someones enjoying now a villa in some posh area instead of fixing our roads ,traffic ,traffic lights ,salary increase…..

  3. Habib

    Thanks for posting! I’ve been wondering what the purpose of this swimming pool was. It reminds me of the rusting City Sportive. How many millions were spent on that?

    Plus how funny and yet sad the comment by Abboud. Isn’t he in the same political coalition as Karami though?


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