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I saw this note in the American University Hospital in the elevators. It is kind of weird to see such a note in a hospital. Who is stealing from whom in the elevators ?

Shutter Island Censored?

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I went yesterday to watch Shutter Island, the new Martin Scorsese movie in Cinemacity (City Mall, Dora).
The movie was not as good as it sounded in the trailer to be honest, but it is still a must-see.

However i’ve noticed that it is much shorter than mentioned, or maybe that it was censored by the Lebanese authorities. The movie is 138 minutes long, but barely took 120 minutes !!!

It felt like some scenes were taken off at some point, but considering how twisted the story is, you could not assume it is due to censorship.

The only way to see whether it was censored or not is downloading it online.
This reminds me of the time Basic Instinct was broadcasted on LBC, the whole movie took around 30 minutes !
Riz2allah 3ala 2iyyem el C33

La France a Gemmayze

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Chou ya Chahe ? In ?

Too bad Mark is gonna miss out on it 😛

A l’occasion de l’exposition ” La France au Liban “, la Francofolie crée l’évènement à Gemmayzé mardi 16 mars 2010 à partir de 20h30 !

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Taste of America

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Taste of America is organized by the U.S. Commercial Service with support from CITYMALL and the American Lebanese Chamber of Commerce. [More]

I am looking forward to go check it out, though it is being held for only two days (Weekend) and in the busiest and most crowded mall (City Mall) in Lebanon.

More about Chahe …

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I feel i need to tell a small story to introduce Chahe better.

Chahe decided to ride his Syrian Concierge’s mobilette almost two weeks ago in their building’s backyard.

The backyard is large and there are two parking spots covered by tents held by large poles (almost 25 cm wide)

Chahe was driving recklessly and ended up crashing his mobilette at full speed (15km/h) into the pole. He jumped before he hit the pole but bruised his leg severly ( He was rushed to the hospital and had 7 stitches).

The funniest part is that his sister was filming him, (don’t get too excited here!), but it turns out she forgot to turn the “Rec” button on 🙂

I tried to sketch below the path Chahe took that led to his crash.