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Canadian Burger

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One of my favorite sandwich places is Canadian Burger. They’re located in a small alleyway in Bourj Hammoud opposite Mano. I’ve been going there since the 80s and my favorite item on their menu is their roasto with cheese sandwich which I personally believe is one of the best in Lebanon (tell them no pickles and extra salt). The place is tiny but always packed and that probably has to do with their prices (beside the food of course). They’re one of the cheapest places I’ve been to with the roasto and cheese sandwich being one of their expensive items at LL2,500. The regular roasto without cheese is LL2,000, their famous burgers are LL2,000 and so is the Philadelphia sandwich, chicken sandwich, asbeh, soujouk, makanek, and cheese and ham sandwich. Their hot dog is just LL1,500. The service is good although don’t expect to interact with the staff much since they’re always busy preparing sandwiches. The place actually is doing so well that it inspired a knock off right next door called “Lebanese Burger” which is always empty and doesn’t look too safe to eat at.

I highly recommend Canadian Burger and if you’re a tourist in Lebanon then Bourj Hammoud is a hidden gem. Lovely place with tons of small back streets filled with random shops that sell random things and that have been there for ages.


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Municipal elections are usually restricted to the town or village, but not in Lebanon considering more than half of the Lebanese population were kicked out or immigrated from their original villages. The picture above is a banner supporting certain candidates in Damour placed near Kababji inKaslik! Damour is a Christian town in the South.

Hilton Hotel Beirut Not to open ?

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The Hilton Hotel in Beirut is situated near Biel and was demolished in 2002 and rebuilt but was never opened.

The scheduled opening was in June 2008, but was delayed until further notice. A friend of mine told me the building did not meet Hilton standards and will not be reopened but it says on Wikipedia that it will open sometime in 2010.

Ironically, the first Hilton was opened one day after the Civil war started in Lebanon on 14/4/1975. Let us hope it never reopens if that is to be repeated.

Ketermaya Residents kill murder suspect

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Update: I got the picture of the guy but it’s a very ugly site. I won’t post it.

I just read this on naharnet and nowlebanon as well.

Walaw ? What were the security forces doing there ? Observing the man die ?

I understand the residents’ frustration and desire for vengeance but this is barbaric and unjustifiable.

Ketermaya is a village situated in South Lebanon.

Residents of the southern Lebanese village of Ktirmaya on Thursday killed the murder suspect of two grandparents and their two young grandchildren. It said Mosallam was rushed to hospital by police after angry residents cruelly beat him up.
But the locals chased the killer to Siblin hospital, dragged him out after stripping him of his clothing, tied a metal wire around his neck and hung him on a pole in the town’s squared.

Lebanese Taxi Driver

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If there is anything worse than a typical Lebanese driver, it is a typical Lebanese taxi driver. Most of them are not yet used to this new invention called the traffic light and so sometimes find themselves ahead of the light unable to see it when it turns green. To accommodate this new “obstacle”, they refuse to stand back in line with all the other cars and instead rely on their hearing senses and accelerate once they hear cars heavily hoking behind them.

MyCrest Smile

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I got an sms yesterday from a friend i haven’t spoken to in ages saying:

“Please vote for my sister (name) for best smile on Please vote daily if you can. Thank you.”

I went in to check the website and it turns out it is a contest where random Lebanese females uploaded pictures of themselves smiling with shiny teeth and whomever has the highest number of votes will have her picture on the front page of Femme magazine’s July edition.

You can check the most popular smiles here. I asked my friends if they knew about it and apparently many got smses to vote for this and that. I can’t believe people would spend their money on such a thing. Plus, how would Crest know which pictures are photoshopped and which are not ?

I, for my part, will vote for Maya Zankoul‘s smile lol.