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Lebanon: On earth as it is in heaven

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This stunning picture is one of many photographer Clement Tannouri took of Lebanon in his album entitled “Liban: Sur la terre comme au ciel”. There are other images including regions such as Ehden, Qaraoun, Mount Lebanon, Sannine, Bkaakafra, Annoubine, Beirut and Byblos that i will upload later on.

Why i uploaded this picture in specific is that my old house appears on it, the small one on the extreme left with the green windows. I was practically living on the beach back then, too bad they buried the sea in front of it. [High resolution]

Roadster is the best

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Roadster diner is one of the most popular diners in Lebanon, and my favorite, and i am not saying that just cause of their really good food. Their customer service is impeccable and believe it or not, this is something very hard to find in Lebanon.

Yesterday, i ordered two sandwiches (Lemon Turkey) and a drink for a friend and myself. 17 minutes later, the order was here, even quicker than a fast food place. However, one of the sandwiches was a Tuna melt not a Lemon Turkey. I called them and reported the error, they apologized and sent 10 minutes later the correct sandwich (Free of charge of course and without taking the wrong one).

Added to that, they called me today to apologize for the error again and thanked me for calling.

Football for Peace

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To commemorate the Lebanese civil war, the two opposing political camps in Lebanon – March 8 and March 14 — chose this year to remember this day in a friendly football game in a show of solidarity.

(Picture from nowlebanon)

Among the players in the 30-minute match were the following ministers and MPs: Ali Abdullah Ziad Baroud, Jebran Bassil, Mohammed Rahhal, Akram Shehayeb, Simon Abi Ramia, Ibrahim Kanaan, Ghassan Mukhaiber, Fadi Aawar, Alain Aoun, Ali Ammar, Serge Torsarkissian, Nadim Gemayel, Sami Gemayel and Ali Miqdad.

The game was hilarious to watch, and at the end Sami Gemayel scored two goals for the red team beating the white team 2-0.

Here’s a picture of our Prime minister Saad Hariri dribbling the ball. (Taken from Al-Akhbar)

And the two goals scored by Sami Gemayel.

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Beirut: one of the most dangerous cities in the world… really???

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I found this article on cnn and guess what??? We’re in the top 10!

How retarded is that?

I’m sure that there are at least a half a dozen cities in Iraq that are more dangerous that Beirut!

The caption under the picture says that the ranking was based on a 2008 study by Mercer

3ayb… I think CNN should fire the writer Teo Kermeliotis for using outdated data. [Link]