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Beirut ranked 172nd in the world for its quality of living

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A survey on the quality of living in 221 cities around the world by global consultants Mercer Human Resource Consulting ranked Beirut as the 172nd most desirable city for overall living standards and 16th among 24 cities surveyed in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region in 2010, as reported by Lebanon This Week, the economic publication of the Byblos Bank Group.


Can someone explain to me why the hell are houses that expensive in Lebanon if we are ranked so low?

Suzanne Tamim's Family Drops Case against Murderers

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I can’t believe parents would sell out their own daughter for some money. There can’t be any other explanation to this piece of news to be honest.

The family of slain Lebanese pop diva Suzanne Tamim has dropped its lawsuit against an Egyptian real estate mogul and former policeman accused of her murder, a judicial official said on Friday.


It is not like the suspects were not yet convicted. They were given the death penalty over a year ago!

The man behind the killing is an egyptian tycoon and billionaire named Hisham Talaat Moustafa. He paid Muhsin Sukkari $2m (£1.3m) to kill Suzanne Tamim in Dubai in July 2008.
I wonder how much did he pay her parents to drop the case.

Check out the reaction of Suzanne’s father when the murderer was sentenced to death:

At the time of the lower court ruling, Abdul Sattar Tamim, the slain singer’s father, said the family was satisfied with the verdict and awaiting the approval of Egypt’s mufti, or Sunni religious leader.

And after dropping the case:

The singer’s family said its previous statement to the court that accused Mustafa of “inciting the murder of Suzanne Tamim is an unfounded assumption,” according to the same judicial source.

Someone should sue this family.

Tadamon Basketball team

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Since i’ve posted about the sixth man movie, i’ve searched the web for pictures of the Tadamon team and i luckily found a very old picture. Lorenzo Orr wasn’t in that picture though.

Players i was able to recognize:

Elie Nasr (5th from left)
Tony Madison (behind him)
Roger Nasr? (6th from left)
Moussa Moussa (8th from left)
Mark (cant recall his last name)
Elie Sfeir (next to Mark)
Patrick Saba is also showing as the guy holding the ball.

Playmates in Beirut

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I recall hearing about it on the radio but there was not much advertising done on this event. I wonder why. Same for the boat show, barely any ads on TV or billboards.

The girls partied at Cellar club in kaslik, not the most famous or known of clubs, and had dinner at Nahawand restaurant.

(More Pictures at beirutnightlife)

And then there was the fashion show. I must say those aren’t the best looking playmates i’ve seen.

Here are some more pictures:

[nggallery id=15]

Weird cakes at Moulin D'or

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Last time i passed by to pick up a cake at Moulin D’or, i spotted one that i thought was Lebanon-shaped, even though it wasn’t that obvious at all.

Yesterday, i was picking up some bread and i saw more weirdly shaped cheese cakes, so am guessing this is some trend Moulin d’or is launching, triangle cakes, ear drop cakes and oval cakes.

As long as they are tasty, i guess shape doesn’t matter.

Anyone remember the Sixth man?

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I was switching through channels yesterday and i fell on an old movie called “The Sixth man“.

The movie dates back to 1997 with Marlon Wayans as the main actor. It is a really funny movie and old but i am posting about it because of Lorenzo Orr, who plays a basketball professional in the movie.

The same Lorenzo Orr came to Lebanon and played in the first Division for one or two seasons but i can’t remember what team he played with. He was really good nonetheless.

While i was looking for any history on Lorenzo Orr, i found an obituary for the same name, but i am guessing based on the picture, it is a different Lorenzo.

Anyway, Lorenzo brought back memories of Lebanese basketball games at their early beginning with foreign players like Orr, Ndaye, Mhammad Acha etc and Lebanese players like Elie Fawwaz, the Chidiac brothers, Boulos Boulos, Moussa Moussa etc …