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Name this bar

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After i saw Treesome’s Elie the other day, i passed by Gemmayze today to see his new bar and i spotted it right next to “Behind the green door”.

The bar has no name yet, it looked like a teaser campaign before launching it, or maybe he still is undecided on the name.

Maybe we can help him pick up a new name by making few suggestions here.

My suggestions are:
– The Pub with No Name (or No Name)
– Foursome
– Gemmazing
– Elie Inn

Spelling mistake in French…

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As part of promoting tourism in Lebanon, the Tourism Ministry has placed posters of things to see next to the terminals at Beirut airport. Very nice pics showing the history and beauty of some areas.

One of the posters shows the Akkar valley


After a closer look, I noticed that “Vallee” was spelled “Valais”

Helene Segara Concert at Edde Sands

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So i went to see Helene Segara’s concert on Friday at Edde Sands and it turned out to be an enjoyable evening. The place where they hold the concert is very nice, there were chairs for everyone, lounges for VIP people and of course lounges accompanied with a Gala dinner for the VVIP guests.

The concert started around 10:15 and lasted for approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes. Segara was charming and sang songs in different languages, as part of her world tour theme. One of them was “7arramt 2a7ibbak” and she did sing it pretty well. I recorded part of it and uploaded it for whomever wants to watch.