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Donate for charity and more traffic …

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I wasn’t planning on posting about this but i couldn’t stand looking at poop everytime i open the blog.

On my way back the past Friday around 6 pm, there was a lot of traffic on the way to Dbayyeh. I usually get stuck in traffic but not that much. I reach the Marina area and spot Caritas and Red Cross volunteers setting up checkpoints in the middle of the road and on the maritime road to collect money.

I understand it is for a good cause and all, but do you really think people will donate money after you get them stuck in one extra hour of traffic? Can’t this be done on a Sunday afternoon where everyone is relaxed and not coming back from a stressful working day?

I felt more like running into them to be honest!

Elie From Treesome Gemmayze

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During my walk in Jbeil Souks the other day, i had a nice encounter. It took me time to recognize the guy, but then i asked him “Elie?” and he answered. That was probably the first time i speak to this guy while i am sober lol!

So who is this “Elie” ?
He was a bartender at Treesome pub in Gemmayze and i was a regular there two years ago. I usually don’t like cocktails but Elie’s cocktails were a killer, specially that one Absynth-Vodka drink we always ordered.

It didn’t have a strong taste but when you’ve had 5 or 6 of that drink, the rest of the night would be a story to tell, that is if you remember anything! Maybe i should share some of those stories or maybe i shouldn’t.

Anyway, it turns out he is launching his own pub in the next few weeks, but he didn’t tell me its name yet as he didn’t pick one, but it will be near The Electricity company in Gemmayze, most probably around “Behind the Green Door”.

Guess i will pay him a visit once it’s open.

écafe Jbeil

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I went to Batroun the past weekend to drop a friend and decided to pass by Jbeil and have dinner there. I haven’t been to Jbeil souks for a while, so i thought i take a walk and see what’s happening. To my surprise, the streets were fully renovated and packed with restaurants, pubs, shops and lots of people.

Turns out i’ve been missing out since the past summer!
I was advised to go to écafe and so i did. The place was big and beautiful and was more of a cafe trottoir than a restaurant. The food was also delicious and affordable and most importantly the service was quick and professional.

The only problem i faced were cats, as my gf hates them and i had to interrupt my dinner many times to scare them away lol!

Over all, i will definitly be going there soon to try the pubs and see how’s the nightlife picking up there.

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Rima Fakih 2007 Stripping contest winner

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Looks like Miss USA 2010 has more talents than just posing for lingerie.

The Lebanese-born Rima Fakih “won Mojo In The Morning’s “Stripper 101″ contest in 2007”. [mojo]

The judges were strippers, and awarded Fakih first prize. The prizes included jewelry, gift cards, adult toys and a stripper pole for home use, according to the website.

The event was attended by women only, and Rima never removed her clothing at the event, the radio station said in a statement.

Hélène Ségara at Edde Sands

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H̩l̬ne SEGARA au Liban pour sa Tourn̩e 2010, [UN TOUR DE LA TERRE] Friday 21st May starting 9:45 pm at Edd̩ Sands Beach Resort, Jbeil РLebanon. Tickets available at Virgin Megastores.

Segara is not my favorite french singer but she has many decent songs. I definitely advise people to go watch her if they can, specially that it’s held at Edde Sands, beautiful resort and atmosphere.

Sidon's Soap Museum

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I was wondering how the “Saboun Baladi” was produced few weeks back. Turns out we have a soap museum in Sidon (Saida) renovated and funded by Fondation Audi telling you all about the soap baladi.

International Museum day is organized worldwide around the 18th of May, so it would be a nice idea to visit this museum and others in the upcoming weekend. I just realized i haven’t been to the National Museum since 15 years or more, before it was renovated even.

There are more pictures of the Soap museum at