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Beirut is an ugly city

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BBC published an article last night called “Beirut struggles to survive peace” which talks about how Beirut is losing its charm and soul. I’m glad I’m not alone in thinking downtown Beirut is crap. I hate it and would rather spend my time wondering around Burj Hammoud or Achrafieh discovering hidden treasures then spend a minute walking in downtown Beirut. [Link]

Road Safety

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And we wonder how accidents happen in Lebanon. Dangling large steel bars over the road, whomever is in charge of constructing that building should be heavily penalized. This is in Achrafieh by the way.

R.I.P Lebanese Rambo

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Update: 2 Men Arrested after Ransacking Batroun Hospital and Snatching Body (Thanks Karim)

I heard on the news today that a young man named Elie Cherfan (aka Rambo) died in a motorcycle accident. Not sure if it was reckless driving or some random accident, but when the parents went to pick up his body from the hospital, they were asked to pay for his release. They had no money and got irritated and started breaking things, then they stormed into the morgue and retrieved the body and left without paying.

What is that rotten system that doesn’t let parents pick up their son’s body without paying ?

Today, their convoy was stopped by the police for 3 hours causing huge traffic on the Jounieh highway but they proceeded with the funeral later on.

We keep hearing of such stories every now and then. I wish young Lebanese would be more careful driving those motorcycles and wear their helmets and safety gears at all time. And most importantly, don’t take yourselves for Rambo anymore because life is not an action movie where the hero always gets away.

R.I.P Elie and may God be with your parents.

Picture of " Elie Rambo" s motorcyle

World Cup Mania

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Everybody is getting ready for the world cup in Lebanon and raising their favourite teams’ flag on their balconies, cars, roofs you name it !

But there’s one thing that’s been puzzling me lately, people raising three or four different flags on the car. What’s the point of being with more than one team ?

The whole point of competitions is to be with one team against the other.

Another point is that once you hang those flags being sold on the streets on the car’s windshield, you can’t open the window anymore because the flag will fall. Not a good deal for cars without ACs.

Show without girls at FM Adonis

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FM entertainment is a very popular and old place in Adonis. I remember my parents used to go play bingo there during war days. It was renovated recently and it changed its whole front banner and put “Poker Club” And “Show girls” on each end of the banner.

I noticed yesterday the “girls” went off. Not sure if it’s the wind or the FM owner was forced to remove it. Either way, the show must go on!