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Ghazir Bridge closed

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I noticed today that the Ghazir Bridge is closed for some reason. I asked around and it appears a part of the bridge has collapsed or has weakened and there was a hole right in the middle of it. I always noticed there was a small gap between the bridge and the road, apparently that is being fixed also. This bridge was bombed by the Israelis in the 2006 July war, but they are not to blame this time for this incident. Whomever reconstructed this bridge did something wrong. Thank God no one was hurt in the process.

Lebanese Women

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I just received this video in my email. It apparently is a year old but I just saw it and thought it’s interesting to share.

What do you guys think? Does it portray Lebanese women properly? Does it portray the society properly? [YouTube]

Chez Paul

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If you are sick of Manakish, or Kaak with picon, or Knefeh, an alternative for a yummy breakfast is “Chez Paul” in Gemmayze. It has the yummiest croissants and breads filled with cheese, almond, zaatar, chocolate etc …

The best thing is to go there in the early morning before going to work when everything is still hot and fresh. If you have time, you can have breakfast there in their lovely indoor restaurant and outdoor garden.

It also is not expensive at all. I got two cheese baguettes, three chocolate breads, two thym breads for 18,000 LL.

ABC Mall Bomb Detectors

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I passed by ABC yesterday and noticed their security people are still using the proven useless bomb detectors. I wonder how long until they realize that fact.

Here’s an excerpt from the article above:

The British Foreign Office has told the BBC that they will now be urgently warning all governments who may have bought devices such as the ADE651 and GT200 that they are “wholly ineffective” at detecting bombs and explosives.

Sukleen rebranded

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I just saw some garbage bins in downtown Beirut, next to the parking in front of Virgin, that had a big “A” on the side instead of the usual Sukleen “S”.

It’s the same “A” as in Averda, the company that owns Sukleen.

I’m sure even after changing the name people will still refer to the company as Sukleen…

Moukarzel Jewelry ad

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This is worse than the “Sois Belle et vote” ad. First they portray Lebanese girls as “blondes” and now as materialistic and superficial.

This ad is primarily inspired by the campaign few Lebanese women led on Women’s rights day on March 8th requesting rights to grant nationality to their children, but instead turned it into a very bad and offensive joke. I am surprised barely anyone reacted to it knowing that the ad is still on the streets until today.

Paola Salwan & Joseph Daher, from Cafe Thawra blog agree with me.

The girl in the red hat

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So most of you know about the Crest smile competition that’s currently taking place in Lebanon. Well I thought it would be pretty funny if some random out of place girl ended up winning the competition or at least appearing in the top 5 so with the help of Najib we found the girl above with the red hat and we’ve been trying to get people to vote for her. So far she’s gotten over 1000 votes which is better than the 6 votes she had when we found her but still far off from the 4000 votes needed to be in first place.

So take 5 seconds, click on the link at the end of this post and then click on the button “Like” under the girls picture. You can vote for her on a daily basis even. Here is the [Link]