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Dinner in the Sky – Beirut

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Most of you have probably heard about Dinner in the Sky if not click [Here]. The same guy who has the Ferrari 599 GTO below also had dinner in the sky and uploaded those videos to his YouTube account. The one above is the best of the bunch. Looks pretty cool. [YouTube]

Now if you want to be nosy like me you can check out all the guys videos by following this [Link]. He has a ton of cool videos mostly of some of the coolest rides in Lebanon. I would have love to have been on this outing.. [Link]

I have 500$, where can I go?

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This is the coolest website I’ve seen in a while.
The concept is simple but brilliant. The site asks you to input three criteria:
– Your point of origin
– Your budget
– A tentative flight date

After that, it displays a tag on the countries you can reach on your budget.

Check it out at

I love Bonjus

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I went to get a chocolate from a nearby supermarket when i spotted Bonjus haram (Pyramid-shaped). It’s been so long since i had one of those, so i got myself half a dozen (Orange ones) with two UNICA bars. They still taste as good as ever.

Central AC

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I am not sure if anyone can help me but I figured I would give it a shot. I want to install a central AC at my house, does anyone know who I can call in Lebanon to do this for me?

Graduation 3al lebnene

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I had my brother’s graduation on Saturday in the American University of Beirut (AUB). It was supposed to start at 7:30pm with the distribution of diplomas scheduled at 8:30pm.

I got there with my folks at 7:25, got seated at 8:45 and the ceremony started at 10:20pm !!

Afterwards, people literally invaded the buffet and almost ate the plates along with what’s inside of them. I would assume people willing to spend 25,000$ per year on medical school would be a bit more civilized but i guess not. Kel chi bi balesh kattir menno.

Anyway, this graduation reminded me of the registration days at AUB, and the trouble we would go to just to register for a class. One would think that with all this money, the university would organize things better bass ya ma7la daweyir el dawoule, and it’s not just AUB. AUB is probably the least worst of all others.