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Germany routs England 4-1

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Looks like the “psychic” octopus was right.
The Germans destroyed the English today and advanced to the quarter finals. England were denied a second goal that was 100% correct but that doesn’t change anything. It is quite ironic though cause England were granted a similar goal in 1966 against the Germans even though it wasn’t a goal.

Rikky'z Faqra

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We had a surprise birthday last sunday at Rikky’z in Faqra at lunch time and i must say it was a lot of fun and very different from what i was expecting. I had never been to that place before but i knew it was a nice place overlooking Faraya that had open BBQ and drinks and a nice atmosphere. What i did not see coming is that i was practically going to a party but in day time.

The place is right before the Faqra club and is very easy to get to. You have to give you car away (Valet Parking of course) and pay a 30$ entrance fee that includes open food and drinks and a free sombrero. You get in a wooden house and head toward a large terrace where there are lots of tiny tables, just like any night club, a bar and very loud music. The sun is a killer so you will need your sombrero.

The party picks up bit by bit and around 2 pm, food is served in a buffet. You have salads inside and a large grill outside. Food wasn’t that great to be honest but just like night clubs, you don’t expect it to be good but don’t really care as the whole atmosphere is nice.

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Vodka Cannabis

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I was going through old pictures the other day when i saw this picture of a vodka bottle a friend of mine got as a present from Europe. It is a Vodka Everest Cannabis bottle that we never opened or maybe dared to open yet.
I couldn’t find any reference to it online, but i am curious now and wanna know how it tastes. I will let you know once we have a drink, that is if we remember anything.

Update: So i call the friend and it turns out we already drank that bottle last summer and he also tried googling it and with no success. Now the weird part is that i can’t remember a thing about that night. I am never trying this stuff again, that’s for sure lol!

The Lion Burger

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The Il Vinaio restaurant near Phoenix, Arizona, is offering a “lion burger” for $21 (£14), served with spicy homemade crisps and roast corn on the cob.

Owner Cameron Selogie said the decision to serve the lion burgers was a tribute to South Africa, host nation of the World Cup. [Source]

Racist Lebanese

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This is not the first time an explosion or any incident occurs involving foreign workers and we never hear any news about them. And the worst part is that this habit is common to all local news agencies.

This morning, a factory building collapsed in Zouk Mosbeh.

News covered it as follows:

VOL: Aluminum plant collapses in Zouk Mosbeh. According to preliminary reports, one Lebanese and two Indian nationals went missing following the incident, the VOL said. [Source]

Other Sources:
[LebanonFiles], [Naharnet]

Hours later, all the news revolve around the Lebanese worker and no mention of the other two Indian workers. They even figure out the name of the Lebanese employee but nothing concerning the Indian workers.

Hareth Abboud, a Lebanese national, was found alive under the wreckage.
The six-storey plant collapsed in which Abboud and two Indian nationals went missing. [Naharnet] [LebanonFiles]

Until now, no words or news on the two other missing workers. Last week, Sudanese workers got beaten up for no reason by the ISF and were demonstrating today, yet barely any mention in the news.

Quite sad.

Car Accidents increasing in Lebanon

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Fadi Gebran, head of “KunHadi” association held a press conference today on car accidents in lebanon, their causes and how to prevent them.

According to Gebran, and based on numbers provided by the Red Cross and ISF, accidents in Lebanon increase between 12 and 17% yearly.

With the degrading status of our roads, and the lack of any structured plan to stop reckless drivers, among whom are some ISF officers, i don’t see accidents decreasing at all.

PS: Note that the numbers in the table above are as of March 2010.