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London Taxi Safe Driving

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Looks like London Taxi is starting to get infected by the Lebanese Taxi driver syndrome or should i say the Lebanese driver syndrome.

I don’t think there’s anything more frustrating in Lebanon than seeing smart-ass drivers trying to take over cars by going on the wrong lane. Not only they are dangerous, but they cause more traffic and jam the roads.

Don’t get me wrong, i still think it’s one of the best taxis in town, based on what my brother and some friends keep telling me, but drivers like this one above (and below) should be fired in my opinion.

Bus Overturns on Halat Highway, 1 Killed, 20 Injured

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There is an article on Naharnet about an accident that happened today on the Jbeil highway. You can read about it [Here]

Thing is a friend of mine on Facebook passed by the scene and posted the following on her Facebook status:

Very big accident on the road… injured people… people stopping to help others… policemen BUSY 3AM BEHETOOOULOON ZBOUTAAA!! MA32OUUUULL BEL HEL BALAD??!!!

That’s very messed up if it’s true.

So they found a dead guy stuck to the tire of a plane…

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I travel a couple of times a month for work and this incident really is not helping me cope with the loose security at Beirut airport! How can a guy just be running next to a plane on the runway??

The National News Agency said passengers on the plane reported seeing a man in a baseball cap with a backpack make a dash for the plane as it prepared to taxi. He stumbled once and then continued towards the plane.

A Saudi operated budget plane “NAS AIR”, took off from Beirut to Riyadh and apparently when it landed they found a dead guy stuck to the tire! It’s a pretty gruesome sight to imagine!

The Saudi al-Watan daily said the man’s backpack included his personal belongings and no identification card. It quoted sources as saying that the man’s facial features were very clear.

The funny part is that the pilot apparently saw this incident but did not report it to the control tower! “Ummm, hello? Yeah, hi, just wanted to inform you that there is a man running on the runway. Just thought you’d like to know”

“The passengers and flight attendants informed the pilot, but he did not take any action and continued takeoff without informing the Beirut control tower” that anything was amiss, according to the NNA.

What if this person had some kind of explosive in his backpack? Who would everyone blame if something tragic had happened?

And the best part is that apparently there is easy access to the airport runways from illegal settlements around Beirut airport!

Lebanon has been suffering since the 1990s from the problem of illegal buildings in the vicinity of the airport that prevent the control tower from seeing part of the runway, they told An Nahar.

I am not familiar with the security protocol that would allow access to someone to the runways but internal airport security in Lebanon is crap. You don’t even need to make sure you don’t have any metallic items in your belongings when you pass through the metal detector. If it beeps, the guy gently pats you down, apologizes for the inconvenience and asks you to move on. On the other hand, in Saudi, if for some reason the metal detector beeps the security guard makes you take off your shoes!

The problem is that security is not the number one priority at Beirut airport. Just an example: there is a clearly marked sign at the first metal detector at the airport that requests you to take out your laptop and screen it. I’ve passed by that sign at least a couple of dozen times in the past year and not once was I asked to take pass my laptop through the x-ray machine. In the beginning I used to take off my watch, belt, mobile phone, keys and wallet and place them in the plastic bin. Now I just go through the detector without taking anything off and when it beeps, the guy checks my pockets and belt and let’s me go through.


Miss Lebanon 2010 – Rahaf Abdulla

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Really? Is she the most beautiful girl in Lebanon?? She might have an amazing personality or pure heart but let’s call a beauty pageant a beauty pageant. The main criteria is the exterior look of the girl not her thoughts on global warming and she clearly does not represent the beauty of Lebanese girls.

It might be that some women would find it to be degrading to participate in a show that would require them to parade in bikinis in front of a live audience.

Anyway, you wanna choose a miss Lebanon? Go to Skybar or White on a Friday night, you’ll find dozens of girls better looking than Rahaf.


Everyone's a mechanic in Lebanon!

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I, like most guys, love cars and driving and all, but i don’t know much about its mechanics nor do i pretend to know, unlike most Lebanese guys. Every time i have a certain problem with my car, i get like 20 different answers and half of them would include “Chou fahhamo el mechanicien! ana ba3rif”.

To make things worse, most mechanics in Lebanon are liars and want to rip you off somehow and companies are no better. You go to change your brakes and end up changing your tyres, cylinders and maybe chassis who knows??

On Tuesday, i had to remove a nail from one of my tyres. I stopped at a tyre place and once the guy was done, i asked him to check the car tyres pressure and make sure they are as recommended.

To find out what your car’s tyre pressure should be, consult the manufacturers tyre placard usually found inside the driver’s door sill, glove box, fuel filler cap or under the bonnet. The placard also displays the manufacturers recommended tyre sizes. [Bridgestone]

He answers me that i don’t need to check what the tyre manufacturer says as it’s common knowledge i should keep them as 30/30. I insisted that he does them as written down and he felt offended of course. I didn’t tip him of course because he was an ass.

After i was done, i went to my mechanic to check why my car is making squeaking sounds when turning the wheel or simply when driving sometimes. He answers me that my brakes are not good quality and should be changed.

One minor detail he forgot is that he was the one who changed my brakes five weeks ago!!!

After having stated that “minor” detail, he tells me he needs to take a closer look at it and after few minutes, tells me that it’s just a minor issue that will pass once i change my brakes. I just let go and went back home because unfortunatelly, he is better than most mechanics i’ve been to or been advised to go to and looking for a good mechanic in Lebanon is cumbersome and tiring.

Thank God my car doesn’t cause me that many problems.

R.I.P Rami Chemaly

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Lebanese national Rami Chemali died Thursday at the age of 22 in a car crash in Cairo, the National News Agency (NNA) reported.

According to an eyewitness the accident occurred due to excessive speed. A car with 3 young people crashed into the car that was driven by Chemali, which resulted in the killing of Chemali and the 3 young Egyptians.

I don’t watch Star Academy, so i don’t know anything about him. The cause of the accident conflicted from one source to another. I heard first Rami was the one speeding and jumped from one side of the road to the other and hit the other car. Nonetheless, may he rest in peace.

Rami Chemali was from Shayle.

World Cup 2010 Most Beautiful Team

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It looks like the most beautiful teams, not just the strongest teams are winning in the 2010 World Cup.

According to, the Spanish team has the highest average beauty score (5.79), followed by the Dutch (5.52) and the Germans (5.15). [Full List]

The best-looking player turned out to be Fabio Cannavaro, while the ugliest player was England player Wayne Rooney. [Eurosport]

Finally, Paraguay might not have the most beautiful squad, but one of its supporters, Lingerie model Larissa Riquelme, has promised to run naked through the streets of Asuncion naked despite her team’s loss.

Maradona also promised to run naked in the streets of Bueno Aires if Argentina were to win the world cup, but who would want such an ugly sight?

For all those interested, No date has been set yet for Riquelme’s naked run.