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Mar Charbel in Russia

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While i was checking out the duty free in Moscow airport on my way back, i saw a Russian paper with Mar Charbel’s picture on its front page. I have no clue what the paper says or what’s its name and the few people i asked there did not help much. All i know is the title said something like “Mar Charbel blood cures millions” or something like that.

It is hard to believe but throughout my 5 days trip, i could not find one single Russian who spoke decent English except our trainer of course.

France humiliates Lebanon 86-59

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After winning against Canada, the Lebanese Basketball team lost to the French team convincingly 86 to 59. Our weak point today, as i had pointed it out few days ago, was our inside play and our rebound capability. We only had two centers and none were able to contain the French inside game. French players were very physical as well and dominated the box. Added to that, this new coach made the stupidest changes i’ve ever seen.

In the second quarter, as soon as Vroman sat on the bench, the French led a 10-0 run and kept it until the last quarter. He never asked for any time out to stop the French run.

In the third quarter, he chose to rest Fadi el Khatib, Elias Rustom, Rony Fahd and at some point Matt Frayge. We were down by 14 points for God’s sake! How do you put all your key players out? Or maybe he had hoped Ghaleb Rida and Ali Kanaan would make some difference? Ghaleb sure helped the French open up the gap every time he spread his legs (don’t ask me why he does that) to shoot his failed 3 pointers. Ali barely caught a rebound and was outside the box most of the time.

Fourth quarter was a joke too. No fight backs by any Lebanese player and the coach seemed careless. I really don’t understand how we get ourselves to the world championships and not put out a decent fight? Is it too much to ask for the team and his coach to be enthusiastic and motivated?

Next game is on Tuesday against New Zealand on Tuesday at 4 pm. If Lebanon loses, he is out.

Check out here the full stats of the game.

Café Matik… I’m impressed

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I’ve made it very clear a number of times before that I think Café Matik at the Beirut Airport sucks and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who kept complaining because it seems they’ve listened. I was at the airport a few days backed and decided to pass by Café Matik and check out what they had and to my surprise they’ve introduced new sandwiches that reminded me a lot of Pret A Manger. I ended up picking up a Ham, Brie and Cranberry sandwich that turned out to be delicious. Would have had a second if it wasn’t priced at 14,000LL.

Top ten things I wanted to do in Lebanon on my recent trip but didn’t

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1) ATV trip from Faraya to Arz
2) Paragliding from Harissa
3) Visit the Jeita caves for the first time (they’re 5 mins from my house)
4) Tour Lebanon in a small Cesna plane
5) Watch Lebanese men wrestling in Mayrouba (Abou 3adal was going to be there)
6) Ham & Cheese sandwich at Torinos in Gemmayze
7) Lunch and Arak with the bedouins in Hermil
8) Go to the beach
9) Have a cheeseburger at Road Runners in Bourj Hammoud
10) Check out the underground Lebanese nude female wrestling scene

Lebanon wins Firts Place in Stankovie Cup

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As it appears, the organizers of the Stankovic cup cannot spell first and Stankovic! And Ironically enough, they were the Lebanese this time who organized it and won it. The even worse part is that the president of the republic was invited for that event so the least we could expect from the organizers is a good spell check on the first place trophy.

Anyway, good thing we turned out as winners.

Trip to Russia

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I am leaving tonight for a 5 days training in St-Petersburg, Russia. I have never been to Russia nor Eastern Europe before so i am excited about this trip even if its short.

St Petersburg, ‘Venice of the North’ is one of the best places to visit in Russia from what i heard and read. Lots of attractions to visit and the night life is great. Unluckily though, it will be rainy all week long and it is relatively cold now.

Last but not least, everytime i mentioned to anyone here that i was leaving for Russia, he asked me to bring him back a girl from there (one girl requested a guy). So i thought i open myself a super night club if am bringing back that many girls lol!

I mean seriously, so what if we have a lot of Russian girls working in super night clubs here, does that mean they are all prostitutes?

I will have my laptop and the hotel i am staying in has internet, so i should be able to post from there.

До скорой встречи. ! (See you soon)