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Fun while driving …

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There are always surprises awaiting you while driving in Lebanon.

The old lady driving the Honda in the first picture prefers not to use her mirrors and is waiting for my horn to go right. The Green light does not seem convincing enough for her.

Rambo does not mind standing up in the back of a pickup going 100 kph on a highway.

Salon La Coupe

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I usually cut my hair once every month or 6 weeks and every time i hear a new theory in politics or science, the weirdest stories ever, new inventions, opinions on new technological products from my coiffeur Toni. I’ve been cutting my hair at this guy for more than 6 years now, ever since Najib, my coiffeur from the day i was born, decided to retire for some reason and get a taxi instead.

Today, Toni was on fire and could not stop bragging about his new theory on brothers going together on a double-date and on males and females and mixed showers. His first theory was that brothers don’t usually go out with their gfs on a double-date and he conducted a survey on his customers for that purpose. I was the only exception apparently as i don’t see where is the big deal in going out with my brother and his date.

The next topic was the really interesting one as psychiatrist & sociologist Dr.Toni concluded that men don’t like to shower with other men, or get undressed when they do so, while women have no problem with that. He even asked me if i ever showered with my brother or with my father lol !

According to our dear coiffeur, women don’t have a genital organ to show and so have nothing to show off or be ashamed of while men don’t feel comfortable showing their stuff and he started giving examples of how he his sick father refused to take off his pants when he used to shower him.

Of course i nudged and agreed with everything he said so i could get my cut and go back home.

I even remember the last time i went, he had that talk on F1 cars and how they don’t really have any brands on them, but instead those are special effects done by the camera. He also claimed Formula1 is a big conspiracy and everything is set up so that this or that can win.

I wonder why women don’t open up salons for men. They could be much more interesting and maybe less talkative.

Online Money Transfer (OMT)

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A friend of mine transferred me some money via an OMT office. OMT stands for Online Money Transfer and is part of Western Union. I checked out their website and saw a small logo on the right where i could search for locations but it turns out the search button is not working. I looked out in their locations and found an office in the same building i work in.

I went up the first time 10 days ago, the OMT employee was not there and i was told he was sick.
Two days later, i go up to see if he is no longer sick. The employee is still not there. He has a day off this time.
Five days later, i go up again and he still did not show up to work. I am told to go to another office down the road, but with the heat outside, there’s no way am walking all that distance.
Yesterday, i went up for a last time and as usual, no one is there. So i took a cab and drove to another location and collected my money.

I mean i don’t get it, what’s the point of having over 700 locations if there’s no one at those locations?

Roy Samaha out of the National team?

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Whomever said that Lebanese basketball died after President Choueiri,(R.I.P) stopped sponsoring teams was not wrong at all!

The Lebanese Basketball Federation is a complete joke and has proudly proven so throughout the years. I just saw their selection for the 2010 FIBA World Championship in Turkey and Roy Samaha was excluded from the squad. He also barely played in the Stankovic cup which Lebanon kind of struggled to win despite the absence of any major team.

I am not sure what this new coach is thinking, but the teams we are facing in Turkey require big guys and he somehow managed to exclude the biggest guy on the team!

Now one might argue that he hasn’t been showing his best game lately, though he averaged almost 10 points and 10 rebounds in the 2009 season, but to be replaced by Ghaleb Rida and Ali Kanaan is quite outrageous. Rida is almost retired and Kanaan is everything but a center!

Funnily enough, Lebanese scouts are busy looking for old retired Lebanese players outside Lebanon (Matt Frangieh for example) or foreign retired players to naturalize (Jackson Froman) instead of recruiting new Lebanese talents. The last real team we had goes back to Elie Mechantaf’s days. Now all we got are a bunch of individuals trying to show off, on top of them Fadi el Khatib who knows nothing about team work.

Let’s just hope we don’t get humiliated too much in Turkey and this stupid-ass coach they got is fired soon enough.

Here’s the schedule for the 2010 FIBA championship.

Ramadan and Iftars

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First, i wanna wish all our Muslim readers a happy Ramadan.

Second, i always had the impression Muslims liked to go out and have Iftars in restaurants and all during Ramadan, but then i started realizing they’d rather have their Iftars home with their families and all. I am not sure for what reason they prefer home-made Iftars, but i will take a wild guess and say Iftars in restaurants really suck!

I’ve been invited in the past few years to many Iftars and some in really good restaurants and the food is just less tastier than the usual and very average and dry. For example, i’ve had an Iftar in Phoenicia two years back, food was average and i barely had any time to finish it before the waiter took away my plate. Another Iftar i had was in La Plage in Ain el Mraisse. Food was average and the combination of dishes was prone to turning someone sick for a week. Hommos and Fattoush and Soup and then Kebbe bi Labniyye as a main dish.
Sweets are also not that good, starting with Kellej and that weird baklawa lookalike that they do in Ramadan (I forgot its name).

Honestly, if i were fasting for 8 hours, i would expect a much much better food quality than the one i’ve seen being offered in Lebanese restaurants.

Pisces are the best!

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I was out yesterday for dinner with a group of people and at one point, they opened up a very “insightful” talk on horoscopes that went on for half an hour or so. It usually takes years and years of studies to figure out the human character, but not for some of the people i was listening to. They didn’t need Freud or Nietszche but had it all figured out based on Maguy Farah’s horoscopes.

” Burj el Jawzaa(Virgin) ma byittifi2 ma3 Burj el Taur (Taurus) ”

“mich ma32oul keef kel jame3it el 7out (Pisces) byichbaho ba3ed!”

“Ana 2ebne ken badde ye yekhla2 bi Kanoun la2anno el Jadi (Capricorn) bi2a33id charactero”

“El Dalou (Aquarius) kteer neji7 bi 7ayeto wou hané”

Ya3ne ya ma7la chauffeur el taxi wou khbaro !!!

Hike of Hope

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In an effort to raise awareness and funding through donations to the Children’s Cancer Center of St Judes in Beirut, a group of 6 Lebanese are hiking, on their own expenses, for 6 days to the top of mount Kilimanjaro (6800m) starting the 27th of this month.

People can help by joining the facebook group of Hike of Hope and asking their friends to join as well. They can donate through a link on the website. The tab “Donate” will direct them to the donations page on the Children’s Cancer Centre website.

I think it’s great initiative to help raise social responsibility in Lebanon and the Middle East.

The Messiah is God

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“The Messiah” is not offensive as claimed by Angie, not when it is presented as what he really is. I am all for freedom of speech, but some parties in Lebanon think they are above all laws and as a result their “TVs” think they can broadcast whatever they want.

if you don’t like the idea of a show or disagree with the content…. change the channel.

I might be supportive of that thought but i beg to disagree once again Angie because this quote might work in the United States or Europe but not in Lebanon.

However, the point i wish to highlight is not the broadcasting of the movie itself, but the stations that were behind it, which are Manar (Hezbollah) TV and NBN (Nabih Berri News) TV.

If my memory doesn’t deceive me, Hezbollah & Amal supporters almost started a civil war because a satiric show on LBC (Bass Met Watan) mocked their leader Hassan Nasrallah. Hence the hypocrisy.

Now unless it is God’s will to show this movie, which i strongly doubt, i would recommend that the TVs related to those parties be more attentive in displaying such a demeaning movie to Christianity like the one they did. I also urge the ISF to pay more attention to such shows and ban them in the first place.

Lebanon is yet to become a secular country unfortunatelly, and until then, we can’t ask people to change channels in the name of freedom of speech, because such provocations can ignite a civil war in no time.