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It runs in the family

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Addiyar newspaper mentioned today that the sister of a current member of parliament was arrested in Jounieh for stealing.

News also stated that the member of parliament was shocked to hear such news!

This is very shocking indeed. The sister of a Lebanese politician stealing.

More on the Closed Naccache Bridge

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I thought i show Mr.Ghazi Aridi, our dear minister of public works, the bridge that he authorized to close maybe he is unaware of how crucial this bridge is for the whole area. He could be unaware of this bridge’s location as well who knows?

As shown in the picture above, this bridge allows all citizens coming from Naccache and its surroundings to take the maritime road instead of getting stuck in Antelias. It also allows all those coming from Jounieh to take the maritime road and avoid the traffic on the highway.

Therefore, by closing this bridge, all those coming from Naccache had to go back to Dbayyeh to take the maritime road or go to Antelias as they couldn’t even take the highway since the bridge is closed. Add to that the fact that most schools and universities started today, and it is a Monday and what you get is a complete disaster on the roads.

On another note, while watching the MTV news, they interviewed a certain Jeff Zalzali who appeared annoyed by the people’s reaction to this event. He even argued that a study was made on how this bridge closing would impact the traffic and as it turns out, it will only increase it by 15%.

I urge Mr.Zalzali, who was engaged at some point to Nathalie Fadlallah, owner of Nataly’s agency, to email us this study of his as well as his traffic engineer license because i am quite sure the real number was 150% not 15%. Added to that, Mr.Jeff claimed he looked all over Lebanon for suitable bridges but could not find better than this one and that and i quote “3am nekhdoum une cause” and people should be happy about it.

What is so great about Naccache Bridge? Its view on the highway? Emile Lahoud’s conference place next to it? The view on the unfinished Olympic pool from it? Or maybe people cursing you every 20 seconds while you do your stupid fashion show?

Fashion Show on the Highway!

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Almost 1 hour and half from Jounieh to Beirut in the morning and 2 hours on the way back.
Why you ask? Because Nathaly’s Agency were authorized by the minister of public works, Mount Lebanon governor and the ISF to hold a fashion show right on the Naccache bridge.

For all of those who don’t know where that bridge is, it is situated on the highway between Antelias and Dbayyeh and is a crucial road for almost everyone going down to Beirut from Naccache or its surroundings.

How stupid should one be to authorize such a thing? WTF were they thinking? And it is not just for one day but three!

MTV are broadcasting a special report on this incident tonight.

ZWZ Mystery solved

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I was out having breakfast at the newly revamped ZWZ in Kaslik on Saturday and i finally figured out why the four parking lots in front of it are almost always filled even when there’s barely 1 or 2 occupied tables.

Turns out the employees park their cars there!

Both cars in the image above were of employees who had just shown up to work while we were having breakfast. I wouldn’t mind it if there were more than four empty slots but this is unacceptable! One can almost say they are doing it on purpose to let the valet take more cars.

Pr.Sleiman meets Miss USA

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President Michel Suleiman has decorated Miss USA Rima Faqih with the presidency medal for her Lebanese roots, the National News Agency reported Sunday.
Suleiman congratulated Faqih on her win and wished her luck. She also expressed pride of her Lebanese origins. [Source]

Rima Faqih is the first Arab-American to ever hold the title.

The Forbidden Kingdom censored???

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I was watching the Forbidden Kingdom on MBC 2 when they got to the part where Jackie Chan is the middle of the desert and does a small prayer so that it rains. As soon as he starts his ritual, the scene is cut off and the next thing we see is Jackie Chan getting to the end of the desert.

I looked on the internet to see what the scene included and it turns out it is classified under the category “Blood/Gore” because as Lu Yan (Jackie Chan) was trying to create rain, he thought he had succeeded when he saw few drops fall on his him only to realize it was Lan Cae He (Jet Li) urinating on him.

Here’s the video if you guys never noticed the scene was gone.

I really don’t think this needed to be censored. GORE?? Seriously??

Alcohol drinking in Lebanon

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I was reading few days back on beirutspring an article written by an Egyptian Journalist called Ahmed Ramadan on winemaking in Lebanon and why Lebanese drink more alcohol than other Arabs.

In the first paragraph of the article, the author assumes that Lebanon is a Muslim country and that unlike other Muslim societies, it allows advertising drinking, serving and buying alcohol. Someone should remind this guy Lebanon is NOT a Muslim state and abides by a constitution written by both Christians and Muslims where each citizen can freely practice his beliefs.

In an region where Islam prevails, winemaking can be a failing trade. It’s well-known that Muslims are prohibited from drinking, serving, selling and buying alcohol. Some Arab societies frown upon alcohol consumption and look down on those who enjoy a glass of wine or a bottle of beer.

He continues his primary false statement with another absurd one, that claims that Lebanese drink “due to the civil wars and financial woes that have broken the heart of the capital” and as “an escape in the form of fun times.” Well Mr.Ramadan, i assure you that most of us drink because we enjoy alcohol and don’t consider it as an evil thing. We have a great local beer and great local wines and we drink them the same way most Egyptians like their Shishas.

Last but not least, if there’s anyone that drinks in Lebanon out of frustration and to escape the restrictions set by their local governments, they’re many Arab tourists coming from all over the Arab countries, including Egypt.

PS: If i were Ksara, i would have asked this author to correct those false allegations about Lebanon and the Lebanese as this article is bad publicity for them.

King Abdullah II of Jordan on the daily show

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On last night’s Daily Show, Jon Stewart sat down with King Abdullah II of Jordan to talk about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. You can watch the full episode here.

I think it is pretty cool and unusual for an Arab King to sit down on one of these shows. He’s quite the man this Abdullah, educated, easy to talk to, and intelligent. Having Queen Rania as his wife, one can say this king has got it all!