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Badna nrou2 …

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I was checking out other Lebanese blogs when i fell on an article claiming how powerful are the Arab bloggers. In fact, let me rephrase that and quote Nia Soul from BeirutBeauty blog:

“No longer can the governments ignore us, which makes us the most powerful people in the Middle East. “

Her argument is that governments in the Middle East are cracking down on blogging lately and have arrested and imprisoned many bloggers. Added to that, “Bloggers threaten the powers that be and authoritative regimes picked up on this long ago. They would like it every much if we didn’t think, feel or know. They want us to stay a “bewildered herd” as Noam Chomsky put it.”

I am all for rebellious and enthusiastic youth who want to make changes and let their voices heard, but to claim that bloggers have any effect on political regimes in the Middle East is one big joke. In fact, it is the biggest joke ever.

I suggest that you calm down ya Nia before you get two slaps from some local intelligence agency, not because they are afraid of you, but because they don’t give a damn about you or other bloggers and are so much in control that they can put you in jail, harass you, close down your blog, drag you from your home and the best thing you can get out of this incident is that you will be mentioned in other blog posts.

You can’t even walk in the streets without being harassed by Arabs as per your video and you think your blog can make a difference?

A small piece of advice, you can make a change by stating your opinion calmly and reasonably and have the right people read you and we’ve had a lot of feedbacks on many critics we did on the blog here, even if it was for a restaurant or a pub or some company, but it’s the right way to start, that’s for sure.

About that letter to Bankmed

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Rami posted earlier this week a letter by a certain Mr. Nazih Sanjakdar to BankMed concerning their latests ads.

The ad is based on a social prejudicial assumption. The bank is directly and shamelessly adopting a social vice and a tremendous mistake in the way people are currently considering things. A car, by definition is a mean of transportation and not in any way a social or masculine instrument to attack success, or the other sex.

I am not sure in what world Mr. Nazih is living, but this is how a car is seen in Lebanon and this is how superficial the society is (not all of it of course), whether you like it or not. Accordingly, the ad depicts a reality in a funny way and the bank in question has nothing to be ashamed of. On the contrary, most Lebanese i know loved the ads!

In fact, if they gave more time to the ad, they should have depicted the guy inside the night club hitting on the girl and bragging about his university degrees, his awesome well paid job, his “chalet bi Faraya”, his “chalet bi Edde Sands”, his 100$ gym monthly subscription, his “ATV”, his “24/7 standby table bil BO18” and other B.S stories before they step out of the night club and she finds out he has no car. The ad would have been hilarious!

Anyway, and without further elaboration, i suggest you chill Mr.Nazih because the ads are really not that terrible!

Do you have a car by the way? Just out of curiosity.

Victim of “kif maken” roadworks

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I think it’s safe to agree that roads in Lebanon are not really built to the highest standards. I’ve studied civil engineering and have taken many courses on transportation, and believe me building a road isn’t just about putting a layer of asphalt. In Lebanon, a road is just asphalt, regardless of the quality, durability, definition of lanes, zebra crossings for pedestrians, traffic lights, stop signs…
In my opinion the people who are in charge of roadworks all over Lebanon should be fired for doing such a shitty job.

The following pictures are taken at the crossing right in front of Sodeco Square.

The red rectangle is a bus.

The street where the bus is had been excavated a couple of weeks ago to lay down some sewer or rainwater pipes. The job was done, but the idiots working there didn’t finish it completely: they didn’t remove the backfill material and left the road without asphalt. In one of the pictures you see that the difference between the road and the bottom of the hole is approximately 40 cms!!

They got a bobcat to try to move the bus, but it didn’t really work.

And on top of that a cop cruiser that just passed by. It didn’t even stop to see if anyone needed help

I didn’t see if they managed to free the bus though