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So the speed tickets are real!

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I was still skeptical about all those radars and speed tickets since none of my friends and my friends’ friends has got a ticket so far until i saw one today.

This is how it looks like, no mention of where you got it or how much you have to pay (I am assuming it is still 50,000LL and irrelevant of your speed excess).

According to the ISF, “Accidents decreased by 18.4 percent, injuries decreased by 22.6 percent and fatalities dropped by 50 percent” since the radars were installed. [DailyStar]

PS: I noticed they removed the categories related to the ministers and member of parliaments from the ISF website.

A new GUINNESS record for Lebanon

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The AUST Graphic and Interior Design Department is working on producing the world’s biggest “Barbara” mask to celebrate St.Barbara’s holiday this upcoming Friday(The Lebanese version of Halloween).

I don’t know what the mask will resemble though. It is not mentioned anywhere in the news.

So we have accomplished so far this year:
The world’s largest hummus plate
The world’s biggest Fattoush plate
The world’s Tallest lit cross
The world’s largest wine glass
The world’s biggest handprint painting

Thanks Richy

I should have won the Lotto!

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A week ago, i was playing Lotto online and entering the numbers i wanted when i realized one of the grids i inserted had 7 digits instead of 6.

I don’t know how i did it but everything saved normally, so i went in to check if i won anything the next days, turns out they did not register my numbers at all.

It is definitly a conspiracy to not let me win the lottery, because i was like 3 numbers close to winning it lol.

MTC Touch needs to do a better job communicating to its customers!

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I was expecting an important email today. I was checking my BlackBerry every 5 minutes to see if the red light was blinking. It was 3 pm when I decided to check the inbox on my laptop and I saw that I had received the email at 10 am! The BB service was down!

I called MTC to see what was the matter; the operator told me there was a problem with the server. It would have been nice to receive an SMS by MTC telling its BB customers that the service is down!

Hariri likes Harleys

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In an exclusive interview with the Washington Post, Prime Minister Saad Hariri revealed some of his many hobbies, among which smoking cuban cigars, collecting Harley-Davidson bikes, scuba diving, feeding sharks and cooking.

It would be cool to see him arrive to the parliament on his bike, surrounded by 100 of his bodyguards also on Harleys lol.

Not so "Well Done" MTV!!

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I am not a big fan of Local TV stations but i do switch occasionally to see what’s on. Around 11 am today, i was watching on MTV a show called “Well Done“, that basically teaches you how to make food recipes. They were making chocolate truffles which i absolutely love, and which is why i did not switch the station.

Nevertheless, i could not help myself from noticing how unprofessional and distracted the hostess of the show was. She was complaining that she wants some music, then that she wants her coffee and was playing with her phone (Blackberry i think) while the cook was working on his truffles. I don’t know if she was having a bad morning since the show was live on a Sunday, but i did not see this coming, specially not from a respectable TV like MTV.

PS: I still don’t have a freaking clue on how to make those truffles. It is too damn hard, i’d rather buy them.


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Someone should tell those behind this ad that including an old Lebanese teta does not do the job. The ad must make some sense to say the least, like the Taanayel ad for example.

While checking some of these ads, i found Abou Fouad’s “YES” ads, an 1973 Ariel ad, this cheesy “Patisserie L’escale” ad and tons of old Lebanese ads you can check out here.

Nightlife Exchange Project rocks!

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I always enjoy events that are well organized, even when crowded and yesterday’s night-life exchange project was really great! Even though the location was tricky and the only way to get there was through the maritime road facing Jal el Dib bridge next to Aishti, there was barely any traffic at all time, parking space for everyone either on the sideways or in large parkings next to the place.

Inside, there was a large spot in the middle for people to dance or just stand there and mingle and on the sides tables and couches. I should have probably called and reserved a table in advance but it never occurred to me it would be like that. Nevertheless, the music and atmosphere were great and i am starting to like this Smirnoff Vodka more and more. Last time i had it was at Mandaloun and it was not that heavy and tasted good.

So in all, last night was very much enjoyable and am looking forward for next year.