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Radars not yet activated?

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Our beloved minister of interior Ziad Baroud stated yesterday that the “fixed radars at supposedly secret locations” are not yet operational!

He continued that out of the 25,000 tickets registered, only 10,000 were dispatched to their owners meaning that you can expect receiving a fine you collected a week or three weeks ago.

Review: Restaurant Paul

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I’ve always visited Paul to get his hot and yummy breads for breakfast but never thought about having dinner there. I don’t know why i had the impression it was a really expensive place for older people, but i gave it a try two weeks ago and i could not have been more wrong.

The food was excellent and very affordable and customers were from all ages. The atmosphere and service were also good.

Before ordering, i sat outside on the terrasse but we were practically on the highway and there was a lot of noise, so i moved back in.

I ordered as an “entrée” a cheese plate, containing goat cheese, roquefort, emmental and brie. It came with hot bread, small walnuts, dates and a side iceberg salad.The plate cost around 20,000 LL.

As for the main dishes, i ordered for my gf a “Feuilleté Atlantique” (consisting of a carré feuilleté, saumon mariné, avocat & fromage blanc) and for myself “Poulet Roti a la moutarde” (Blanc de poulet cuit au four, moutarde a l’ancienne, pommes de terre). Both plates were succulent and filling. Afterwards, i wanted to go for desserts but there were not many available which i did not appreciate much.

In all, the experience was surprisingly great and i would definitly give it another try.

Why Crimes rates are going up in Lebanon …

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We’ve been witnessing a considerable increase in armed robberies, car thefts, murders, and other types of criminal activities in Lebanon the past few months.

I was puzzled by that fact specially with the appointment of a competent Interior minister such as Ziad Baroud and having Elias el Murr as minister of Defence, but i think one of the many reasons that are keeping those stats on the high is the lack of any considerable financial fines.

What i am saying is that for example, a Lebanese radical Islamist named Omar Bakri, banned from London because of his implication in the bus bombings and found guilty by the Lebanese military tribunal “of incitement to murder, theft and the possession of arms and explosives along with over 40 Lebanese, Palestinians, Syrians and Saudis” was bailed out for the amount of 5 Million Lebanese liras, which is approximately 3400$ only !!! [AFP]

Regardless of whether he has wasta or not, or if a certain political party pressured the officials to release him, our justice body should set a reasonable bail amount relative to such crimes.

If a terrorist can bail out of jail for barely few thousand dollars, why not hijack banks and steal cars and bail out for probably few hundred dollars?

LBC… 3anjad ma fi mitla!

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I was watching a basketball game on LBC the other day and i was imagining what would some ESPN commentators say about us if they were following this game as well.

There was no time on the screen, no 30 seconds counter, and it was displayed 3rd quarter while the game was in its 4th quarter. Sadly enough, LBC is the best station for broadcasting sports in Lebanon.