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Armed Robbery for 3200$ only?

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What is wrong with those guys? Are they stupid or something?
They got themselves weapons and masks and stormed three places to collect 3200$ only?

Their weapons probably cost more than that!

12:20 مسلحون ملثمون يستقلون سيارة غولف بيضاء نفذوا ثلاث عمليات سلب تباعاً فجر اليوم في مطعم في المنصورية ومحطة وقود في انطلياس وملحمة في فرن الشباك وبلغت غلتهم 3200 دولار

LAF Helicopter lands on Jal el Dib highway

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A Lebanese Helicopter had to land urgently on the Jal el Dib highway today as it faced a technical failure. The helicopter was rehearsing for the Independance day show on Monday. It was moved few minutes ago to a nearby empty lot near the Canadian embassy.

There were no accidents or casualties reported.

Wish i could find some pictures!

Blogging Lebanon

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Here’s a cool timeline on Lebanese blogs written by Chanty.

As far as fashion and lifestyle are concerned, Ivy Says has an enlightened view on the matter, and isn’t shy to share her thoughts.

Blog Baladi goes this way too.

As you see, Blog Baladi is mentioned too which is great since we’ve only been here for 6 months or so. Not sure though how the author thought our blog is about fashion?

The 10 greatest comeback cities

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Beirut made it into Lonely Planets top 10 greatest comeback city which is pretty cool.

3. Beirut, Lebanon
Rallying from devastation is typical of Beirut, a city set back by two major conflicts in the last 30 years. Meze and macchiatos are still served up from its relaxed restaurants and cafes in a downtown rebuilt to its former grandeur. Hamra, a hotbed of Lebanon’s civil war, now has shops and clubs favoured by an international following of fashionistas and partygoers. Formerly on the front line, Beirut National Museum was torn apart by militia fighting, but renovation has seen the museum regain its status as a world-famous cultural centre. Much like the city as a whole, actually.

Where to stay: At the heart of downtown, Etoile Suites ( has individually-designed rooms and a rooftop terrace.

You can check the full article and list on BBC [Here]

El Baba Knefe

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I come from the South and i’ve always bragged that Knefe up there is the best, better than SeaSweet, Abeille D’or, Doueihy etc ..

Now that El Baba, which is a very famous sweets shop in Saida, is open in Jal el Dib, i’ve had two of my friends try its Knefe and they absolutely loved it. It is less sweet than all other Knefes and the cheese is better. The Kaake is also better tasting.

I highly recommend it for people who like Knefe.

Lebanonized Chat Acronyms

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I got a text message from my 17 year old brother saying: ” c 3 t ” ?
I didn’t get it, so i called him back and turns out it’s a new chat acronym that he’s using with his friends that means “chou 3am ta3mil” ?

Most people are familiar with gtg, brb, wtf, idk, rolflmao etc … but this is not something i knew existed, yet has a lot of potential.

I replied : “3 b f”
Use your imagination to try to figure that out lol!

Some things I saw in NYC

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Watched an NBA game (the pre-game entertainment was kinda cool, but the game sucked and the Knicks lost)

Walked around SOHO, Chinatown and Little Italy

Went to the Apple store. Got Najib a brand new iPhone, mabrouk

Saw the taping of a Top Gear episode! They painted a Ferrari the colors of a New York City cab!!

Went on the NBC Experience tour in Rockefeller Center

Went to M&M World

Waited in line for a slight possibility to watch the David Letterman show, didn’t happen…

Does anyone know in which show does this building appear?