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Thumbs up Minister Baroud !

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I must say i was wrong to underestimate the impact of those new radars installed by the ISF on the Lebanese drivers. They are so far way more efficient than random checkpoints and are resulting in a safer and more controlled driving, to a certain extent of course.

I still believe radars should not be kept as secret so that people get used to them and that some speed limits should be reconsidered, but driving on the highway is becoming more and more pleasant and few accidents are happening as a result.

The Trapster should not be banned as there is nothing wrong in taking extra precaution when knowing that a radar is nearby. After all, those radars were set to slow down Lebanese drivers, and not just fine them for the sake of it.

So in all, i must applaud Minister Ziad Baroud for this initiative and hope that he will follow it thoroughly and steadily, because it’s proving to be highly efficient and that’s not something you get that easily in Lebanon.

Nestle Toll House

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I passed by ABC Debayeh late last week and while there I spotted the Nestle Toll House which Chahe had previously posted about. I decided to try it out and post my review of it. The place looked pretty cozy and the three times I passed by Toll House this past week the place was always empty so finding seating shouldn’t be a problem. They’re located in the basement next to the kids area and right below the perfume section between the escalators.

I went up to what looked like a fridge and noticed they had a few different kind of cookies along with an assortment of cakes like kit kat brownies, cookie cups etc.. I decided to go for the classic chocolate chip, each piece is for LL3,000 which is very reasonable. The cookies and all their goodies are located inside a temperature controlled unit the keeps everything nice and warm.

I took my first bite from the cookie expecting the worst since my dessert experience in Lebanon has always been disappointing unless it’s Nutella banana crepes. To my surprise the cookie was actually pretty good. By far the best cookie I’ve had in Lebanon and over all I would say it would be in my top 10 cookies list (#1 is Ben’s Cookies). The biggest issue I had with the cookies was the sweetness, they were just too sweet which is disappointing since it means you can’t have too many. I had two and a half cookies and overdosed on sugar. Other than that they were chewy and delicious, had them three times out of the five days I was in Lebanon for.

The largest stone in the world

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It seems that even the ancestors of Lebanese people wanted to some day be included in the Guinness book of world records!
I had never heard of this before I went to Baalbelk a couple of weeks ago.

Apparently this is the largest carved stone in the world.

It’s pretty big, looks like a giant Kit Kat bar!

Yahoo is now Maktoob?

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I had a call from a friend today telling me that Yahoo is no longer opening as it was before. I tried opening it and i got Yahoo! Maktoob instead.

Now i know for a fact that Yahoo acquired Maktoob last year, but it is really annoying not to be able to open the original Yahoo page, plus i can’t find a way to switch back to the Yahoo page.

Ipad for sale!

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I have a friend who wants to sell his brand new Ipad as he found no use for it. He bought it from the Apple store in Lebanon for 1389$ and wants to sell it for 1100$.

It is a 64 GB iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G.

If you are interested, let me know.