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Plans for New Year's Eve

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So what are your plans for this new year’s eve?

I usually love spending new year’s in houses or chalets with a group of friends and avoid parties and events. This year though, given that no plans worked out for an in-house party, i will be watching Comedy Night at Hotel Le Royal.

What's your take on Wikileaks?

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It’s taken the world by storm and got lots of governments trembling and a lot of politicians hiding away, but honestly i think it is a very bad idea or at least a very badly executed plan.

Why a very bad idea?
1- Because anyone could come up with some transcript or document or theory and submit it and cause a shitstorm based on nonsense.

2- Whatever comes out of a minister’s mouth does not mean is going to happen nor necessarily reflects any truth. Some talks might have been side talks or talks when getting drunk with some friends.

If i am having dinner with a prominent politician and he’s joking on how Israel could have did this or that to infiltrate Lebanon and i leak it to Wikileaks, it doesn’t really mean he is an Israeli collaborator helping the Jewish state defeat Hezbollah even though it will be portrayed that way.

I am not trying to discuss politics here, nor want to drag this post into a political one as we don’t do that here, but what i am trying to point out is how this Assange guy is not invading privacy only, but allowing fraud people who come up with the crappiest of reports based on James Bond Theories to be taken seriously and threaten a country’s safety.

I really hope he stays in prison and for a long time.

Assurance "touriste"!

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A weeks ago, i took a cab from Achrafieh to Hamra and for some reason the driver decided to go into one of the inner roads thinking it’s a good shortcut. Anyway, he was recklessly speeding in one of Achrafieh’s tight roads when a car coming out of an underground parking surprises him and he managed somehow to stop the car before hitting her.

Both drivers were mistaken as he was speeding carelessly and the woman driver did not bother check her right before going out, but the discussion that occured next between the driver and the woman made me wanna go down and give the woman a good slap.

Driver: Chou beke ya 3amme tal3a mitil 2ejrik??

Woman: Bassita, Bassita …

Driver: Eh Bassita, ma inta assurance “touriste” (he meant tout risque lol) chou fer2a ma3ik? ana bit3attal wou inte ekhir hammik.

Woman: Khallas, Mouhem ma 7ada sarlo chi.

Woman: Aslan bta3rif, khallik we2if, tali3 3a bele chouf 3ala 2adde zamatna, badde farjiya la as7abe.

(Then the driver just drove away).

Lotto winner yet to claim his prize?

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I overheard the other day that the winner of the 3.5 million dollars last week is yet to claim his prize? I also heard the winner is an Egyptian worker in a gas station.

This whole Lotto thing in Lebanon is very suspicious to be honest. What are the odds that every year during Christmas, the lotto is unwon for consecutive weeks?

Comments gone missing

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For the past couple of days I was trying a new commenting system called Disqus. Due to some complaints I decided to uninstall it but sadly I couldn’t retrieve the comments from the past 2 days. Even though I am supposed to be able to recover the comments I kept getting an error so I had to make a choice, either uninstall Disqus and lose the comments from the past two days or leave Disqus so not to lose any comments. I decided to uninstall Disqus and lose the comments since in the long run it’s a better move.

On the bright side you can now subscribe to comments by ticking the box below the comments submit button.

Sorry about all this.