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5 things you can buy 5,000 LL (Continued)

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I wanted to post about the gas price drop today but I thought I collaborate to plus961’s funny post instead.

As you all know, the gas prices dropped by 5,000 LL after the weekend crisis caused by the political bickering between Raya el Hassan and Gebran Bassil. Of course with the current tensions in the region and mainly in Libya, you can expect the prices to get back to 35,000 LL within few weeks time.

Nevertheless, here’s a continuation of the list of stuff you can buy for this extra 5,000 LL you now have in your pockets :

6- 10 Unica Chocolate bars.
7- Half a Chawarma from Boubouffe.
8- 1 Man2ouche Zaatar from Zaatar wou Zeit.
9- 10 Manakish Zaatar from Ghalayini.
10- 1 Grilled Potato Appetizer from Crepaway (Plus the 500 LL tips).
11- 1 Chocolate Pancake from Roadster.
12- 1 Hot Dog from Frank Wurst Kiosk

Feel free to add whatever comes to your mind.

King’s speech wins 4 Oscars

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Royal Drama “The King’s Speech” won four Oscars on Sunday, taking three of the top Academy Award prizes including best actor for Britain’s self-deprecating Colin Firth. [Source]

The movie is based on a true story, the story of King George VI of Britain, his impromptu ascension to the throne and the speech therapist who helped the unsure monarch become worthy of it. [imdb]

I saw this movie yesterday and it definitly deserves all those Oscars, specially the best actor award. I also saw few weeks “Black Swan” for which Natalie Portman won best actress award. For those who think it’s just another ballet movie, think again.

There’s still Inception, The Fighter and The social network which won awards and I plan to watch.

Gas crisis in Lebanon is real

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We all thought there were only speculations this time as well, but the gas crisis is real and is happening. I don’t know what planet LBC is living in, as they claim only 20% of gas stations are closed and there’s barely any traffic in the open ones.

My brother went to fill up the car this morning and all 7 stations he visited refused to fill up gas. Funny thing is that the foreign workers in the still operational gas stations are now working like bouncers we find in night clubs whereas they pick whomever they want and deny others.

All this because of the stubbornness of a minister and an antique political system that still relies on the government to regulate fuel prices.

New 50,000 Lira released

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I got yesterday the new 50,000 bill and It is still the same size as the old one but looks much nicer. I really don’t understand why the Lebanese Central Bank can’t come out with smaller bills. The 100,000 LL is even bigger than the 50,000 LL and barely fits in any wallet.

I wonder how big will be the 500,000 bill they plan to release in the future?

Lebanese new weekly concern: Gas or no Gas?

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I don’t know how some of our politicians or officials manage to sleep at night while manipulating us like puppets on a daily basis. Every week, we have to rush to fill our tanks because Mr.Gebran Bassil won’t sign new prices until the gas prices drop by 3000 LL and Ms. Raya el Hassan wants a 5000 LL drop but cannot do anything before the government (which one?) meets and then have the decree signed by the president of the republic.

To annoy us even further, the gas stations refuse to operate if the prices are not fixed or adjusted because they are buying gas at a more expensive price every week. Most people are no longer concerned with the peaking gas prices, but rather whether they can fill up gas to get to work or not.

In the middle of all this, I wonder how every one of those politicians will have enough gas for his 20+ cars convoy.