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Bei Ru – Little Armenia

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Bei Ru “Little Armenia (L.A.)” Official Trailer (Album Available 11.19.10) from Bei Ru on Vimeo.

Just found out about this Lebanese Armenian artist from LA called Bei Ru. The music really kicks ass, he’s like an Armenian DJ Shadow.

Sampling is archeology. Digging through crates for obscure old records and drafting the sounds of times past into contemporary music is as much about preserving the past as digging for bones is. Few musicians take that pursuit as literally as L.A. native DJ/Producer Bei Ru. He has traveled across the Middle East on a mission to hunt down rare, obscure, and out-of-print Armenian records, which he uses to create a never-before-heard blend of vintage Armenian melodies mixed with touches of hip hop, funk, & soul. He breathes new life into these songs on Little Armenia (L.A.), an intoxicating voyage through rhythm and melody that serves not only as a dedication to the under-appreciated Armenian musicians of yesteryear and a homage to the Little Armenia section neighborhood of Los Angeles, but also as a musical map of the Armenian diaspora.

Kick ass! Here is a link to his website [Link]
Below is an interview with Bei Ru from last year.

Mar Maroun’s statue

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Here’s an exclusive picture I got from MP Nadim Gemayel’s facebook for the Mar Maroun statue inaugurated in the Vatican.

The cost of the statue was almost half a million euros and was donated by Antoine Choueiri’s family. It is an impressive statue to be honest and I look forward to visiting it. It is also a great honour for Lebanon.

Interesting Facts about Ghaddafi

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1- He has been ruling for over 43 years and is considered one of the longest serving rules of the world [Full List]. Also, he has reportedly awarded himself the title “King of Kings of Africa” title.

2- All his bodyguards are women and are hand-picked and trained by Ghaddafi himself. They are all virgins and take a vow of chastity. They also wear lipstick, jewellery, polished nails, and even high heels. [More]

3- Ghaddafi’s name can be spelt in 5 different ways: Gadhafi, Gaddafi, Khaddafy, Kaddafi, or Qaddafi. [Source]

4- Ghaddafi was born in a tent and since he took power has been living in tents only. No matter what country he visits, he requires a tent be set for him. Here’s a picture of the tent he set in Paris while visiting President Sarkozy.

5- Gaddafi is afraid of heights and fears flying over water and prefers to stay on the ground floor of a hotel – that is if he can’t put up his tent! [Source]

6- Gaddafi is also said to rely heavily on his staff of four Ukrainian nurses, including a woman named Galyna Kolotnytska, who is described as a “voluptuous blonde” and having massive knockers according to wikileaks. [Link]

Stove Restaurant

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I had mentioned in my Valentine post that I had dinner at Stove Restaurant and Terrace in Monot. Stove is a restaurant specialized in French cuisine that has opened recently in a beautifully renovated old Lebanese house facing Palais (previously Crystal & Circus).

We sat inside since it’s winter season now and the terrace is not yet open. We were given the wine list menu at first and it was a huge list, mainly containing wine bottles from France and some local ones, with the least expensive one costing around 40$. The inconvenience here, mainly when you’re a couple and one person doesn’t drink much, was that we only had three types of wines to choose from per glass while we had to order the whole bottle otherwise. We ended up ordering two glasses of a white whine from Bourgogne which turned out to be very good.

As for the food, we checked out the menu and it was quite difficult to understand so we asked the waiter for some help and she was very helpful.

We finally settled on ordering marinated salmon and snails with mushrooms as appetizers. Both were really good but the portion sizes were small. Moving on to the main dishes, my gf ordered caramlized pork ribs with pommes fruit (apple) while I had an entrecote with steamed vegetables. The caramelized pork ribs were awesome and my gf could barely finish her platter. The entrecote was as good and very filling as well.

Last but not least, we ordered for dessert pain perdu and a chocolate cake. Chocolate cake was not bad but the pain perdu was so freaking yummy and had lots of rhum which is how i like it, and was almost as good as the one I had at Eau de vie once. Too bad though that they did not have any chocolate fondu on the menu, pretty weird for a french restaurant not to have this.

In all, this is a great place to go for a certain occasion, specially Valentine or a special occasion, as the place is relaxing and calm. However the meals are very sophisticated and the prices relatively high. If you order a decent bottle of wine, two appetizers, two main dishes and dessert, you will end up paying at least 60$ per person.

For those who like cote de boeuf, there are two dishes that you can order for 2 or 4 people if I recall well, each costing over 100$.

If you want to visit Stove, it is recommended that you call and reserve in advance as it is apparently always packed. [Contact Stove]

Mar Maroun in the Vatican

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Today is a historical day for the Lebanese and the Maronites specifically as the Vatican has agreed to place a statue of Mar Maroun on its external wall. It will be the 12th and last statue. [YouTube]

Our Patriarch Mar Nasrallah Boutros Sfeir, President Michel Suleiman and a number of politicians have traveled to Rome on Tuesday to participate in the ceremony at St Peter’s square.

Hamas Bans Men From Women’s Hair Salons

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Male hair stylists in Gaza are now under threat. A new order from Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip, says any man who cuts a woman’s hair will face legal consequences.
For women who wear the hijab, or headscarf, Islamic tradition forbids showing their hair to men who are not related. But hair stylists were never a problem for Hamas–until now [Source]

This “stupid” decision was taken last year and implemented now. Come to think of it, the great majority of hair stylists for women are men, at least in Lebanon. Imagine this law is implemented here, we will probably have women protesting all over the country.

I wonder what’s next? Ban women from sleeping next to walls because walls are male? Oh wait, the Taliban have already beaten Hamas to that lol.

MixFM are wrong!

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I was listening to Mix FM like half an hour ago when they had some competition going on and the question was: What is the largest man-made structure in the world?

The correct answer is not the Great Wall of China as Simon said but is the Fresh kills, the rubbish dump on Staten Island, New York.

I demand that winners be disqualified and blogbaladi compensated for having the right answer! (Not sure though what the prize was in the first place).

Nevertheless, I never thought there’s a dump bigger than the Karantina one. This is utterly disgusting! But of course unlike our dear government, the American government has plans to turn it into a park and ordered its complete shutdown few years back.

Lebanese Police and Chicken: A long-lasting love story

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There are many funny things in this picture:

1- Watch the small blue sign next to Road Runner snack that specifies special parking lots for the chief of police and some officers.

2- A shop selling clothes having a Valentine pinkish decoration and called Spartakus.

3- the Mercedes SL parked in front of the special parking lots for the chief of police. If this is what the Burj Hammoud chief of police earns, then I want to apply.

Roadster Diner Unacceptable Pricing

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Roadster diner introduced proudly their low-cal menu two or three weeks ago and even though it looks delicious and isn’t that bad, the pricing is just unacceptable!

Check out those two burgers, one from the original menu and another from the newly introduced low-cal menu:

P.L.T: Patty, Lettuce and Tomatoes. (7000 LBP)

Ever Slim Burger: Grilled Patty, Lettuce, Grilled onions, Tomatoes, pickles and our Low-cal sauce. (11750 LBP)

The only difference is the onions and the pickles and the low-cal sauce. Do those amount to 4750 Liras?

I was thinking the other day how Chili’s was the most expensive diner in town and is now more affordable than Roadster and many other diners and have much bigger portions.

I hope something is done about those prices in Roadster because I am starting to think twice before going and I am sure many are doing the same, not that I cannot afford it, but it is just not worth it.