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Fixing your car radio in Lebanon

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Not only one has problems finding trustworthy mechanics in this country, but you cannot even rely on an electrician to fix your radio.

I am having problems with my car radio, whereas the sound is just going off for no reason and randomly. After asking around, I went to a place in Dekwaneh that is assumingly good. I told him what my problem was and he told me he needs 3 hours to figure out what’s wrong, as it could be from the Amplifier, the radio, the CD box or the cabling.

He then took out his Mercedes scanner, which is surprisingly found at most mechanics even though it should cost a fortune, and started checking out the defects. Some 20 minutes ( 3a 2asses 3 hours) later, he unplugs the cd box and takes it out and tells me to drive around for a bit and let him know if the problem persists. Ten minutes later, I come back and tell him the problem is still there.

Next thing he does is take out the radio as well and put a used one he had and asks me to try it and get back to him on Monday.

The radio he put worked fine and I came back on Monday to see what happened with my radio. He tells me the radio processor is messed up (processor is screwed) and can’t be fixed; therefore I have to change it. I ask him how much does a new one cost and he answers back 130$.

Afterwards, I asked him to put everything back in place and told him I will get back to him as I wasn’t convinced about this whole processor thing. Funny thing is that as he was putting the cd box back, all the cds were not in place, turns out he was playing my cds on his stereo!

That was 3 weeks ago, since then my radio started working normally with few cuts from time to time and the cd box which was working fine is disfunctional now!

There is another guy which I was told about in Beirut which I will give a try next.

Is it so damn hard for Lebanese to do their jobs properly without cheating or stealing? All I want is a professional who doesn’t charge me some 800$ for a new radio like the Mercedes garage does in Lebanon or messes up my radio and cd box like this guy did.

Lebanon must brace for more heavy rains and storms

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If you think those heavy rains we are experiencing are normal, think again. According to Professor John Pomeroy, who was on a visit to Lebanon, “Lebanon must brace for more heavy rains and storms, coupled with long periods of drought and water shortages as the affects of global warming continue to take their toll.” [Source]

In few words, it is crucial that we start implementing an efficient and long-term water management plan because the majority of Lebanon’s water comes from underground aquifers which are refilled annually by melting snowfall. Therefore, if it keeps on raining and doesn’t snow anymore, our water reserves will be exhausted and we will have a major water shortage problem.

Lebanon is calm for a change

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There is a storm in Lebanon nowadays but it’s a natural one, meaning heavy rains and violent winds and that’s about it. Meanwhile, political storms are taking most of the countries around us. I never thought a day would come where our country is relatively calm and stable and the Arab countries around us have such problems. Let’s just hope we are not in the calm before the storm period and stay that way.

I’ve been following up a little bit and there are things happening that are more than horrible, mainly in Libya where people are getting shot at, or in Iran where violent riots are erupting as we speak. Everyone is just going crazy!

A Clean Lebanese politician

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I was out washing my car in the morning when I could not help but notice three cars with the same exact number parked there. Two were Nissan Xtrails with tinted windows and one GMC envoy. It is simply ridiculous how easy it is for politicians to just put wrong plates on all their cars for “security reasons”. I wanted to take more pictures of every plate but the drivers/bodyguards/militiamen/hitmen were giving me the looks.

Zein El Atat finally banned!

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“Khalifeh has taken an important decision to revoke the investment license of the factory owned by Zein al-Atat, which is located in Dbayyeh,” said Majdalani after the meeting.[Source]

This should have been done from the start, unfortunately he was supported by a politician who doesn’t give a damn about the Lebanese’s well being.

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So Long Mrs. Robinson

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I ended up going again to Mrs. Robinson to attend the meeting and I decided to give their burger a try; so I ordered the Swiss Mushroom Burger and I was honestly a bit dissapointed.

The bun was very average but the major turn off was the patty. It tasted funny and wasn’t juicy at all and relatively small. Something was just wrong with it and I wasn’t the only one to notice it. I should have ordered the famous strawberry salad instead.