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And here’s to you, Mrs. Robinson!

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I had quite a pleasant dinner tonight, even though I was by myself. I didn’t plan it of course but I was supposed to have a meeting with few people at Mrs Robinson supposedly tonight and I got there ahead of time or I thought I did, then it turns out the meeting was tomorrow (khrefna).

Mrs. Robinson is a new restaurant in town located in Annahar building in downtown Beirut. It is a burger joint but also has salads, appetizers and desserts. I am trying to eat light snacks for dinner so I ordered a salad that seemed very appealing and it was indeed really good!

The salad consisted of fresh mushrooms, rocca, lettuce and iceberg topped with parmesan cheese and fresh strawberries on the side, with a balsamic dressing. The strawberries really made a difference and I loved the idea.

As far as their burgers are concerned, a friend of mine did not like them while another loved them, so I have to give them a try next time I go.

PS: Listening now to Mrs. Robinson’s song by Simon and Garfunkel.

Revolution in Lebanon?

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Here’s a funny flowchart by Angie from nowlebanon that estimates the chances of having a revolution in Lebanon.

I would have added also the Martyrs Square space availability option as there’s not enough space left for the millions going down, that is if each political side gets his usual 2 millions supporters to go down.

Why Lady Gaga mentioned “Lebanese” in her song ?

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The new Lady Gaga song and her mention of Lebanese in the song seem to have stirred a debate on the Lady Gaga forum. I honestly think she doesn’t even have a clue about what it might mean. We are not talking about the deepest of singers here.

Some are saying that Lebanese are not discriminated against, but on the contrary are discriminators themselves.

Another comment thinks Lebanon is in Africa.

LittleMonster222 wrote:
I think Gaga wanted to show the whole Africa through that word.

Shopping for jewelry in Lebanon

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I was tempted few days before Valentine to approach some of the jewelry shops in ABC dbayyeh and see what they got to offer. Aside from the incredibly unrealistic prices they had for the tiniest of items, what caught my attention and made me laugh were the discounts the sales people gave me.

One diamond bracelet caught my attention at the first place I checked so I asked the guy there how much it cost and he answered me: 9700$ is its original price (then he starting typing some random numbers on his old fashioned calculator) and told me price after discount is 4500$ and we can still negotiate the price if you are serious about buying it.

Another place I checked had a pendant for around 14,000$ which becomes for ONLY 8000$ after discount. Of course I got the “akeed messieur hayda mich ekhir se3er” response after the 7000$ drop in price.

And it was the same for almost all shops except one or two who gave only a 10-15% discount.

I ask here: Why would they price it this high and then discount that much? No one is that stupid to think they are doing him a great discount because they apparently do this for everyone, so why can’t they price it reasonably?

Valentine diner in Lebanon

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I’ve been asked by few of my friends where they should take out their dates for Valentine. Not that I am a Valentine expert but I’ve been to a considerable number of restaurants and places all over Lebanon; so I can help them out a little bit.

My favourite idea for a perfect Valentine diner is inviting your date to a nice overlooking chalet or old house in the mountains and preparing yourself the diner (or ask your mum to do it), but this needs too much preparation and requires you to be able to cook at first. Nevertheless, for those interested, I saw this cool dish that you can easily prepare.

So where can one go?

French and Italian restaurants are most suitable for a Valentine diner, and you have a great number of those in Beirut, La Posta, Pinocchio (now open in Antelias), Fiona’s, Tartuffo, La Piazza, Da Giovanni, eCafe (in Jbeil and Achrafieh), DT (or Down Town), and Telyani to name few. All are almost within the price range (80$ + per couple)with Da Giovanni and Fiona’s being a bit more expensive, nevertheless all are great places to eat.

Now if you are looking for something classier and more expensive, I suggest you try out the recently open French restaurant Stove in Monot Street, Eau de vie at Phoenicia, La Table D’Alfred in Sursoq street, Up on the 31st in Habtoor Hotel and Al Dente in Achrafieh.

Of course there are many others, but those are the ones I’ve been to or been recommended to go to. I will be trying out Stove’s french cuisine tonight and will let you know how it went. They don’t have anything planned for Valentine which is great because I only like having a calm dinner and that’s it. However, if anyone is interested in getting Mariachis, I have a friend who’s planning to do so and can provide me with their number.

For those interested in Japanese cuisine, there’s also a whole bunch of Sushi places in Beirut, mainly one of my favourite places Maki, Le Sushi Bar and Wok Wok in Phoenicia. Outside Beirut, there’s Le Yen in Antelias and Ichiban on the Jal el Dib highway worthy trying.

As far as Chinese places are concerned, there’s Memoires de Chine in Downtown and the Jasmine Room on the Jal el Dib highway.

Funnily enough, I received an email from Benihana Sushi place in Le Commodore hotel regarding a Valentine menu and I’ve always wanted to try it out but am boycotting it until they drop their lawsuit against Mark from 248am.

Happy Valentine everyone!