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Event: Pecha Kucha Night #11

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Pecha Kucha Night #11 will be held on Wednesday, May 25 from 8pm to 11pm at the Beirut Souks. 20 images x 20 seconds to be presented by:

Maya Metni – visual communication
Ahmed Khouja – architecture
Cyrille Najjar – product design
Fadi Shayya – Horch Beirut
Emily Cremona – fashion design
Linda Selwood Choueiri & Simon Mhanna, BHARAT – arabic design workshop
Nahwa Al Mouwatiniya – NGO
d2w Oxo, Biodegradable Plastics – sustainable development
a3lab, Asterios Agkathidis – emerging technologies in architectural design
mating season, Dar Onboz – publishers
HIBR – newspaper
Eco Village – sustainable project
Carwan – pop-up gallery for limited edition design

For more information on the event click [Here]

What is Pecha Kucha? Click [Here] to find out.


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My brother sent me this picture in the morning. One of my favorite breakfasts is eggs with Labneh and Laban, few black olives, Tomatoes (Banadoura Jabaliyye) and cucumber.

I also prefer Mar2ou2 over Lebanese traditional bread.

Naharnet finally has a new look

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Naharnet is at last revamping their website. You can check out the new design by clicking [Here]. It’s still in beta but so far it’s a major improvement when compared to the old one. However, I didn’t like the Breaking News & Live News boxes since they occupy a lot of space and contain multiple information in them that keeps rotating. I prefer the new DailyStar better although both are actually very similar.

via BeirutSpring

Counter Strike & Zero Hour are still kicking in Lebanon!

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Every now and then, I miss playing network games and go to Scratch in Mkalles to play Command & Conquer (Zero Hour) with some friends. Last time I went was on Saturday night and It was still as crowded as ever, but most were playing Counter Strike or World of Warcraft.

I never get bored of Zero Hour and think of it as the greatest of all the C&C games. The second best one was the Red Alert with the mad tanks and Tanya. The only problem we face while playing it is that it disconnects sometimes for no reason. It happens mostly when the game takes too long and there are too many armies.

Trip to Kobayat (Day2)

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In Day2 of my trip to Kobayat (See Day1), I drove around checking out few sites in the town, and visited the famous Mar Geryes monastery. Kobayat is 600 meters above the sea level and its nature is quite amazing as there are lots of forests and green fields. It reminded me a little bit of Jezzine.

As far as the roads and houses are concerned, there are some beautiful houses but a lot of ugly ones which I think the municipality should work on enhancing to make the town look nicer. The roads are in good shape even in distant parts of the town, except between few houses where you can barely fit your car ( like most old Lebanese towns & villages).

Last but not least, we went to visit some friends before going to the Mar Geryes monastery. They had prepared us a dozen of Kebbe Chmeliyye to eat even though it was only 10 am. We went afterwards to visit the Mar Geryes monastery and it was truly a beautiful place. After the visit was done, we ate Kebbe Chmeliyye and drank Laban with it. I usually hate Kebbe but it was nothing like the one we have in Beirut, as it was bigger and filled differently and tastier.

In all, it was an enjoyable and sort of adventurous weekend given how far the place is. The food was great, the town was beautiful but I don’t advise you to go there by yourself, as it’s very easy to get lost on the way and you will not enjoy it as much as you should.

Here are few pictures of the monastery

[nggallery id=24]

Furn el Chebbak – Jounieh

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I found this flyer on my car yesterday. I loved the name and the idea behind it but there’s no damn address on the paper unless you consider Jounieh as a valid address.

I am always tempted to try out new places but I always like to visit them before ordering delivery.

Lebanese ’90s television emulator:

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I just heard about this from BoingBoing. Telfezion is a website that emulates Lebanese television in the 90s. The website is created by Nadim Kobeissi and this is what he told BoingBoing about the project:

I grew up in Lebanon and didn’t move to Montreal until I was 18. I had very strong memories of how Television in Lebanon was during my childhood in the 90’s, and made as a project to emulate those memories as accurately as possible.

I spent days looking through YouTube/obscure Arabic websites for the footage, which is highly nostalgic Lebanese ads, political videos, cartoons that were popular in Lebanon during my childhood, etc. I’ve sent it to Lebanese friends – many got tears of nostalgia.

Some facts:
* “Telfezion” is how television is referred to in Lebanese Arabic
* Contains almost an hour of footage, adding more every day.
* It uses sessions and a sorting algorithm to queue the footage randomly but with proper spacing

I plan to find and add more news/political footage, as Lebanon was only beginning to emerge from a highly political 25-year civil war in the 90’s.

My motive for making this site is just that it’s so much fun. All my Lebanese friends recognize how valuable it is – it’s so weird for them see the Internet mirror intimate and highly relevant childhood memories and I love working on that.

Sadly Nadim forgot to emulate Lebanese internet in 2011 and so I’m currently having trouble watching it. Takes me like a minute to watch 5 seconds of footage. [Link]

Henry J Beans to reopen in Beirut

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For those of you who don’t know it, HJB is a typical American style bar and grill. The original one was in Qoraytem if I’m not mistaken. They’re reopening soon in Gemmayze. I’ll definitely try it once they open. The location is very convenient for me, right next to where I work.

You can check out their website [Here]