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STL issues indictment

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The long-awaited indictment for the Rafic Hariri assasination was finally released today accusing four Lebanese members of the Hezbollah party of Hariri’s murder. [Link]

Funnily enough, I was just reading an article on how Lebanon needs more tourists this summer. [Link]

I am guessing that’s not gonna happen.

Roads for Life Initiative

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I saw on TV this morning the launch of a new initiative, The Roads for life initiative funded by the Talal Kassem Fund for Post Accident Care. [Website Not yet launched]

Talal Kassem is the grandson of Adnan Kassar, a prominent Lebanese businessman, who was killed when a raging driver hit him on the corniche road in front of IC. [Gino’s]

The initiative aims at raising awareness on driving safely, enhancing our rotten traffic laws and most importantly increasing chances of survival for accident victims in the crucial 60 minutes after trauma. For that purpose, the foundation will provide Advanced Trauma Life Support courses to Red Cross volunteers and ER doctors and caregivers from across Lebanon.

That is indeed a great initiative, and hopefully will lower the risk of fatalities from accidents. However, I wish that those organizations, such as Roads for life and Kunhadi, knowing that they are well funded, take their actions to the streets by forming awareness checkpoints, or collaborating with the ISF in spotting drunk people driving out of Gemmayze for example, fixing the Zekrit blind turn that killed more than 12 people since the beginning of 2011, and other minor actions that are practical and will materialize in a lower accidents rate.

Increasing awareness by spreading billboards all over the country is not what will keep Lebanese drivers from speeding. There are a zillion things that could help lower accidents which I will gladly suggest to those organizations if they are willing to do them.

Nevertheless, one cannot but salute those behind such initiatives for raising awareness and being socially responsible and doing the job our government should be doing.

Typical Lebanese fight in front of AUB

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I witnessed a typical Lebanese fight right next to the Medical Gate at AUB. It had all the typical Lebanese sayings such as: “nzal men el siyyara iza rejjel” (step out of the car if you’re man enough), and “3ashou 3am betzammer??” (Why are you honking?)

So the guy in the black Nissan Sunny was trying to park when the guy in the white cab started to honk. So out of nowhere 3antar(*) steps out of his car and starts cursing at the guy, blocking the road and causing even more traffic than usual. He shouted at the guy in the white car for about a minute. A couple of times, the other guy was just about to step out of the car, but at the last second would change his mind. Maybe it’s because he noticed that 3antar can kick his ass, and decided it would be better for his teeth to just relax.

In the end 3antar parked his car and lived happily ever after.

* – 3antar or Antar is a Lebanese folk hero. Guys who sound like they’re not afraid of anything are referred to as 3antar of Antar

Automatic Parking Cashier at Beirut Souks

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I spotted this automated parking cashier at the Beirut Souks’ parking the other day. It is very easy to use and lets you insert 1000 LL, 5000 LL and 10000 LL, as well as coins which is very convenient.

Maybe the park meter people should think about doing the same instead of forcing us to go from one shop to the other looking for coins.

National Tabbouleh Day

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For the past 10 years, the first saturday of July has been celebrated as the National Tabbouleh day, yet I had no clue about it.

I was buying some bread from Paul when I saw a flyer inviting all Lebanese to participate in the National Tabbouleh Day being held at Souk el Tayeb in Beirut Souks on Saturday July 2 from 9:00 am till 2:00 pm.

A competition will be held to determine who makes the best tabbouleh in 3 different categories:
1- Traditional Tabbouleh
2- Winter Tabbouleh
3- Creation

To read more about past event, check out National Tabbouleh’s website. [Link]

PS: Whomever is in charge of this website needs to update it to include this year’s event.

Dancing to Arabic Music

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I wanted to open up a topic for discussion but I wasn’t planning to until Chahe posted about my engagement.

While planning the dinner, I had no choice but to put Arabic music as most family members don’t really dance to English or French music. I can only laugh imagining my aunts or uncles dancing R&B or Trance.

Now don’t get me wrong, Arabic music is not that bad but what irritates me about it is that guys can’t dance to it. The moves one has to do to cope with all the belly dancing around him are limited and plain stupid:

Here are some moves my friend Leila suggested sarcastically of course:

Move 1: Clap ur hands in the air while smiling stupidly.

Move 2: Go down on one knee clap side ways on the hips of the dancing girls (also while smiling stupidly)

Move 3: Open ur hands as if saying rise up and rise em .. rise ’em rise ’em (no smiling this time just a serious ana el jaggal look)

There are two moves I must add here:

Move4: Stretch your hands over the girl’s shoulders and start moving them left and right like you’re some ski jumping athlete trying to maintain balance.

Move5: Try to belly dance and make a joke out of yourself.

The only good part about Arabic Music is Dabke but unless you know how to really dabke, it gets boring after few minutes. That’s why I am planning to take some Dabke lessons or maybe ask my dad who should join Caracalla for his Dabke skills.

If anyone knows a good place to learn Dabke, please feel free to share it.

Push up ice cream

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What happened to all the push up ice cream? When I was a kid I used to get one that came in a semi transparent tube and came in 3 flavors, either chocolate, strawberry or vanilla. Now I can’t seem to find any kind of push up ice cream.