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Mabrouk Najib and Justine!

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Najib got engaged this weekend to his longtime girlfriend Justine! (That’s him in the picture with the sword, and that’s Justine on the right, if you were wondering)

The party was in a restaurant in Mansourieh with family and friends. Too Arabic for my taste but everyone had a great time. Especially Najib who doesn’t like to be the center of attention. He must’ve had 15 shots of Arak!

Alf Mabrouk to Najib and Justine!

An eventful Magida el Roumi concert

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Magida el Roumi’s concert was the main attraction in the 2011 Jounieh Festival and it was quite an eventful concert. I had decided not to go and gave away the ticket to a cousin but I ended up going as he bailed out at the last second.

The concert was scheduled at 9 and we had to be at the parking lots near the Casino du Liban by 7 (Now we know what they are for). Since I live in Jounieh, I decided to go park somewhere near Fouad Chehab and walk to the concert instead of parking far away and waiting for shuttles to pick us up. Surprisingly there was barely any traffic around 7 and I found a parking spot easily.

We were greeted at the Fouad Chehab stadium entrance with scouts selling wine and peanuts. There were also several stands including a Taanayel-sponsored Saj, a Hotdog stand, and a Johnny Walker stand. I wish they had some free juice or ice cream stand instead as it was too damn hot to drink Whiskey.

The event was planned to start at 9 but like all other Lebanese festivals, it started an hour later. At 9:20 Georges Kordahi the party’s host made a small presentation on the Jounieh Festival, before Samir Geagea, head of the Lebanese Forces, showed up to the concert followed shortly by the President of the Republic Michel Sleiman. Magida el Roumi showed up around 10 pm and the concert was on its way.

Magida sang for almost 2 hours and listening to her live didn’t change my opinion about her. She has a very loud and annoying voice and I feel like she’s screaming all the time. No offense to the Magida fans. That’s just my opinion of her. Also, she kept on pointing out to our Lady of Harissa and thanking her for blessing this night and all to an extent I felt I was in some religious concert. Funnily enough, electricity went off Harissa for like half an hour.

At the end of the concert, President Sleiman decided to reward Magida for her achievements and there was a small ceremony on stage, then Magida sang a medley of folklore Lebanese songs to end the concert. Samir Geagea went on stage as well and danced dabke with the band.

In all, it was an entertaining night and a major success for the Jounieh festival organizers. Also, I didn’t know people were so fanatic about Magida as they were singing almost every song with her. I recorded some of her best songs which I will upload later on on YouTube.

Jimmy’z at Skybar

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I went to Skybar last night and I have to say the place looks amazing with the huge screen walls all around. Jimmy’z was at Skybar last night which I would have figured would mean we’d finally get some good music but it was still crap. The music is actually the worst part of Skybar, they might as well have been tuned in to Mix FM or Radio One. Actually I wish they were tuned in to NRJ last night since they had Jade from BASEMENT playing. At least then we would have had some decent music.

The service last night was really good since my group had a table which for some odd reason came with a butler/waiter? I thought it was pretty awkward having a butler standing at the end of our table the whole night but I could imagine some people liking that plus you don’t have to search for a waiter when you need something. I shot a few videos but since the connection is pretty slow I only managed to upload the one above. [YouTube]

Saj Jeita

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I’ve passed by this Saj place probably hundred times but never knew it was a Saj place until I was looking for an apartment near it and Mark told me there’s a cool Saj place next to it.

I went there to try it on Sunday but it was closed. Turn out it opens on week days only so I went yesterday morning and ordered Jebneh and Zaatar. The Zaatar was not that good but the Jebneh was tasty, even though a bit salty. I’ve always prefered Saj to Manakish and wonder why there are so few Saj places when compared to the “furns” we have everywhere. Saj is much easier to setup and tastier.

Dyson at BHV

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I noticed BHV now carries the Dyson brand of vacuum cleaners. I’m starting to like BHV a lot more than before and it mostly has to do with their house ware section. They now carry a lot of my favorite brands including the likes of Kitchen Aid mixers, OXO kitchen tools, Bodum glassware and now Dyson. The prices of the vacuums are slightly more expensive than they cost on Amazon which is not bad. Word of advice, if you’re interested in one make your research on the different models online first since the two sales people I spoke to knew less about the brand and vacuum models than I did. They also carry the cool Dyson fans although I always found those a bit over priced.

Red Audi R8 spotted at Lina’s

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First time I’ve seen it in red. The car’s plate is R8 and if I recall right there was another dude who had a black R8 with the same plate number (don’t know if it’s even legal to put the plate number like that) and used to park it all the time in front of Lina’s. Guess he got bored of the black.

Jounieh International Festival 2011

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I passed by Jounieh tonight since today was the start of the festival they’re having. They’ve basically closed up the old stone street so no cars can get in and when I went down the street was packed with people which is pretty cool. Problem is there were no activities for people to enjoy or do. They had a stage right in the middle of the souk that was empty with just music playing but even if there was something taking place on the stage that wouldn’t have been enough. I was expecting some sort of street carnival with stands and stalls selling random items but there was none of that. I think people were doing what I did and that was just walk from one end to the other without stopping and then just leaving. I think I spent more time stuck in traffic and looking for parking than I spent at the festival. Fireworks were pretty cool… for the whole 2 minutes they lasted for. I don’t know, I really want to be positive here since I am a huge Jounieh fan but it was just very disappointing.

There are a lot more pubs that have opened up in that area which is very cool and I spotted a sign saying Margherita was opening soon. I just wish there was more to it all. For more information on the festival and the full schedule check out their website [Here]

Huge Parking lot in Maameltein

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I took this picture from the Casino Du Liban. I wonder what those huge and empty parking lots are for. There’s absolutely nothing there except Manarit el Khaleej restaurant which already has a huge parking and some new restaurant for Ghassan Saliba called “Sayf el Ba7er”.

Mobi or Wise?

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I just arrived to Lebanon last night and my DSL at home is not working. I’m actually at ABC Debayeh sitting at Nestle Toll House accessing internet from there since I don’t have access anywhere else. So I was wondering, which is better, Mobi or Wise? I’ve heard crap about both of them but right now don’t think I have another option.

Update: Looks like Wise is out of the question since I called them up right now and it turns out they’re out of stock on their devices.

Update2: I spoke to Mobi, they’re also out of stock with the routers but have their USB devices in stock. Price is $139 for the device and a 512kb connection with a 2.5GB monthly limit costs $50.