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How to create more traffic in Lebanon

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One can always get used to traffic in Lebanon but what’s not comprehensible is why the local authorities try to find ways to increase traffic either intentionally or unintentionally.

Opening up more roads is not always a smart way to avoid traffic yet they keep on doing so in Lebanon. The latest genius act was opening up at the end of the maritime road leading to the Forum de Beyrouth both lanes for cars going towards Beirut.

That’s how it was before, and the below picture is how it has become now.

I want to email this to the one responsible of amending this road to become a two-way road but I don’t know whom to address, whether the ministry of works, the municipality or the ISF. Maybe I should email them all along with the pothole that cost me a new tyre. [Link]

PS: The trees and grass in the middle of the road are compliments of Demco industries and are not the local municipality’s work.

Unibrow in the new government

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Meet the guy in charge of making our internet lives more miserable and our phone bills higher than ever like all his predecessors did.

I was reading about unibrows a bit and according to Victorian criminologist Cesare Lombroso, unibrows are a sign of criminality [Wiki].

Jokes aside, I am guessing this is the minister who’s gonna introduce 3G technology in September, so let’s wait and see how things are gonna go.

Happy Father’s day

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Happy Father’s day to all the fathers out there. I keep remembering Exotica’s sort of sick ad on this day where they shaped flowers to look like spermatozoids.

One thing that puzzles me on this day is why Lebanon celebrates Father’s day on June 21 and not like the majority of countries on the third sunday of June. The countries we celebrate with are Egypt, Syria, Jordan and Uganda. [Link]

Lebanese Thriller Sorry Mom

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Anyone seen this latest Lebanese movie?

Rami from plus961 posted a month ago about it but there’s not many reviews on it yet, and only 10 votes on [Link]

The last Lebanese movie I saw “Help” was disastrous so It would be great to hear some reviews before I waste my time on another lousy local production.

To check out on where Sorry Mom is showing, click here. [Link]

Iranian Movie banned twice in Lebanon

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Hana Makhmalbaf’s Green days was banned for good by the ISF after it was postponed a year ago upon the Iranian president Ahmadinajad’s visit. I am guessing the reason is that it messes with the Iranian political stability which is crucial for us Lebanese of course. [Link]

The Lebanese movie “Chou Sar” will be allowed though after being banned in September 2010. Apparently, it no longer incites sectarianism now. [Link]

If only ISF were more focused on catching criminals and armed maniacs than banning cultural movies.

To read more about the movie, click here [Green days]

To check the list of movies and series banned in Lebanon, click here [List]

Theaters to open at ABC Dbayyeh?

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According to some friends, the huge buildings next to ABC Dbayyeh are movie theaters set to open soon.

The first thing that came to my mind is that ABC will be needing more parking lots, so hopefully they thought of building underground parking.

The second thing is that Le Mall is opening meters away from ABC Dbayyeh, so imagine the traffic we’re gonna have there during holidays.