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Lina’s ABC Dbayyeh

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I’ve never been a big fan of Lina’s branch in ABC Dbayyeh as it looks more like a cigar smoking room than a cafe. I don’t know why but for some reason all cigar lovers go there.

The only nice thing that they had was a nice view on the Marina Dbayyeh but for some reason there’s a wall now instead.

Lina’s Kaslik branch on the other hand fits better the description of a cafe and is a cool hangout specially in summer. Of course, its prices are ridiculously high but isn’t that the case everywhere in Lebanon?

Arab Championship for Traditional sports 2011

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I spotted this trophy at my friend’s supplement store yesterday [ShapeUp]. It appears that Lebanon hosted on the 12th of June 2011 the first Arab championship in traditional sports in Dekwaneh.

The sports included (رفع الجرن والمحدلة والمخل) and took place in Emile Lahoud sports complex in Dekwaneh. [Link]

You can check out the results here. [Link]

Similar competitions are always organized in the Lebanese villages until today. It would be great if someone broadcasted those games on TV as they are part of our heritage.

PS: The reason I put the sports names in arabic is that I have no clue what they mean in english. If anyone knows, please feel free to share them with us.

3ala Rawa2

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I spotted this guy on my way back home at the entrance of Marina Dbayyeh, after being stuck for an hour or two in traffic.

I wonder what happens if he has to stop for a second. How can he step down from his tall bike?

Seems like a useless invention.

Cheating at the Lebanese Baccalaureate

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I had posted yesterday on how students in Lebanon treat the Lebanese baccalaureate as if it’s a secondary diploma to have for fun, and how cheating is widespread in the tests.

Well here are some stories I got from my brother on how people are cheating:

– A student pulled out a paper with all his notes and put it next to his exam and the supervisor told him it’s ok to keep it.

– A supervisor had her cousin in the classroom and was helping him by asking students left and right to provide her with some answers.

– A student was asked if he could fill out another student’s exam “la2anno 7aram ra7 yos2out”.

– A supervisor was reading answers outloud to the classroom.

– A student had exams with their answers while doing the test.

Heartbeat live at Casino du Liban

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I got two tickets from Roadster to attend the Heartbeat concert being held at the Casino du Liban on June 17,18 & 19 2011.

I was planning on buying tickets myself as this is a great initiative to help out children with heart diseases. In fact, since its inception, Heartbeat has saved 800 children through surgery and other medical treatment and interventions. 200 additional children are expected to receive help and be saved this year.

To know more about this event, click here [Heartbeat 2011]

Bac Libanais ou Francais?

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My brother presented the French Baccalaureate two weeks ago and he is now presenting the Lebanese baccalaureate “just for fun”. Most students enrolled in private schools don’t care about the Lebanese Baccalaureate and treat it as an optional exam that they don’t need to study for.

We pride ourselves as being a society with high literacy rates, yet are ashamed of our own baccalaureate and for valid reasons. The most important reason is that everyone cheats at the Lebanese Baccalaureate, and most supervisors support such behavior.

I wonder what’s keeping our ministry of education and the private Lebanese schools from enhancing this program and making it a decent one. It’s not like we lack the professors or intellectuals or the money to do so.

Skybar Beirut to open on thursday

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Looks like our friend Gino has some strong connections when it comes to the Lebanese nightlife. According to his Weekly Leaks, SkyBar will open on Thursday June 16th.

Added to that, The club’s decor has completely changed and the construction works were clearly noticed if you passed by BIEL the past winter and spring. [Link]

As for the opening party’s host, it’s gonna be T-Pain. [YouTube]