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Lionel Messi: I’m very hurt

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Lionel Messi is not hurt because of a car accident, just because the Argentinian national team did not play well during the Coppa America. He’s in Chile still and preparing for a friendly game tonight. [Link]

This whole rumor about Messi being involved in a car accident was started on some website and picked up by the Lebanese media for unexplainable reasons.

Hope I did not give the Messi fans a scare with the title.

To save or not to save Beirut City Center or “The Egg”

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So “the Egg” is going to be demolished soon and a lot of bloggers seem to be pretty annoyed by this piece of news. To be honest, I think it should be destroyed for many reasons:

1- The building is very ugly and there’s nothing artistic about it, at least in my opinion. I don’t know why they even kept it while reconstructing Beirut in the 1990s.

2- Not every building that’s 50 years old and survived the war should be restored and preserved. Mustapha shares this thought with me.

Even though it’s a bit unrelated, there’s an important point needed to be said that the responsibility for restoring old houses or monuments should be on the Beirut municipality while in reality old houses owners are the ones baring all the expenses and unable to sell them because it’s part of the heritage.

Who gives a damn about heritage if it’s costing him all his money and the authorities don’t want to pay a penny?

For those of you who do not know about the Egg or Beirut City Center, it was designed by by Joseph Phillipe Karam, a prominent modernist Lebanese architect of the 60s to be a state of the art cinema in downtown Beirut.

Having said all that, I just read on the Daily Star that Solidere denied plans for taking down the Egg. Maybe it’s another rumor spread like the one about Messi being involved in a car accident.

Mosaic reopening soon

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Mosaic is set to reopen its doors next week at the Intercontinental Phoenicia Hotel in Beirut after being closed for renovation. [Link]

This place has the best buffet in town by far and I am looking forward to seeing its new layout.

Zaatar wou Zeit Valet Parking

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This whole Valet Parking thing is seriously getting out of hand day after day and the first ones to blame are the companies and restaurants hiring them.

If Zaatar wou Zeit cares that much about its customer service, they should hire their own people to park the cars and fire the “VIP” valet parking company they just hired in ZWZ Kaslik and I suppose elsewhere.

It’s not enough that we have to deal with ever increasing prices [Link1] [Link2], we also have to bare the arrogance and impoliteness of some valet parking guys.

To cut the story short, I passed by ZWZ Kaslik yesterday to meet my brother and there were 3 empty spots in front of it. The Valet guy had put his sign in a way that keeps me from parking properly but I still managed to park the car.

Once I stepped down my vehicle, he came out of nowhere and asked me for the keys (“Badde el mfetee7 blease”). I told him that the car is parked fine, so he answered that it’s not and I HAVE to give him the keys. I still insisted the car is fine and told him I can change it by myself if he wants to and so I did even though he barely moved his sign and kept giving me the looks as if I stole something from him.

Since the ZWZ people apparently read our blog, and since we all love ZWZ despite its insanely expensive man2ouches, I urge them to take action as soon as possible and train their own employees to park the cars or get decent parking space, instead of hiring retired military men to do the job.

Valet Parking should be optional and Valet guys should be well trained and well dressed and the least polite and courteous.

Here’s how valet parkings should look like, anywhere you go and if you think they are too fancy, then maybe ZWZ should not have Valet Parking in the first place. After all, it’s a freaking man2ouche place and not an intercontinental hotel.

Lionel Messi involved in a car accident?

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Few hours ago, I read on Kataeb News portal that Lionel Messi had a car accident in Argentina and was seriously injured. His gf was with him and died instantly because of the crash. I googled to see if it’s true or not and found nothing online. Some 20 minutes later, the same portal denies the news so I forgot about it until LBCI just mentioned the news few minutes ago!

So I checked again and could not find anything online about this. There is not even a mention of a rumor of Messi having an accident. So I ask LBCI where the hell did they get this piece of information from and how can they allow themselves to report such news without verifying it?

Update: Messi is in Chile not even in Argentina today and all this rumor about him getting involved in a car accident is a lie. [Link1] [Link2]

Alfa Waffer ??

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This was pointed out by one of the blog’s readers. Alfa Waffer new plan includes a prepaid emergency card that costs 4$ and gets you 10 minutes only.

4$ = 6000 LL for 10 minutes means each minute costs 600 LL!

So Alfa is basically telling us we are allowed to rip you off if you need an emergency card?

If you want to know more about Alfa offers, check [Here].

Thank you Wael