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Most luxurious restaurant in Beirut

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I had no clue which one it was but I spotted the new place opening next to Republic and it’s Le Maillon restaurant, which originally opened in Achrafieh in Sofil Center.

It surely will no longer that highly regarded if it plans to open an arguile place in Zalka.

Less Tourists, yet more traffic

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We have around 40% less tourists than last year yet the traffic is still the same and even getting worse. What’s even more interesting is that we lost 65% of our tourists coming by land according to Minister of Tourism Fadi Abboud [Link].

I don’t know how this is happening or it’s just me, but I am facing traffic almost anytime anyday and everywhere I go. Even in the morning there’s still traffic even though there are no schools or universities at the moment.

Fireworks banned in Lebanon

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Interior Minister Marwan Charbel banned the use of firecrackers and restricted the use of fireworks in a statement carried by the National News Agency Monday. [More]

Does this decision remind you of any previous one? I really want to see how our new minister is gonna implement this law. Imagine cops running after little kids playing with firecrackers in every little town in Beirut to celebrate Ramadan. That’s gonna be fun.

MOC Winners… really?

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When you pass through Beirut Airport you might notice that there are some really flashy cars on display to be won. There are usually 1,500 tickets per car selling at about 120$ / ticket, unless the car is really expensive then those numbers change.

Like the Mercedes SLS AMG: 3,000 tickets at 135$ / ticket.

I bought 1 ticket with 2 of my colleagues during a recent business trip. I’ll keep you updated if we end up winning.

I was going through the website of MOCWINNERS, the company running this business, and I noticed something a bit weird: a guy called Dany Hassan Moustafa has won 3 cars already! 2 Porsches and an Audi!

I’m guessing his strategy is to buy as many tickets as possible and hope for the best. I just hope the entire thing is not rigged.

And Miss Mermaid Jounieh’s title goes to …

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Madeleine Lichaa! (Since Ivy was obviously dying to know)

I don’t know which one the winner is in the picture but I am guessing the one sitting in the middle. She’s the nicest looking of all.

Funny though how Lebanese like to sneak in a beauty pageant competition into every festival or event. I wonder what were the questions they asked them?

– How can one become a mermaid?
– How’s the sea doing these days? Chou se3er el le2oss?
– We hear a lot of pirates are stealing boats these days. What will you mermaids do to take out that threat?
– If you had 10 sea pearls, what will you buy with them (Except your voice)?

List of Lebanese Restaurants to avoid

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I was sent an email today listing more than twenty restaurants to avoid in Lebanon. The email said the list was from Marcel Ghanem’s blog. However I searched and could not find any blog for Marcel, just a website, a facebook page, and a twitter and YouTube account.

So if anyone has any reliable link to such a list, please share it with us so we post the list, cause otherwise we would be damaging some restaurants’ pages unjustly.

PS: LBCI news send a text message last night and denied such list. Good thing I did not post it.

Red Bull take care of their friends

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I didn’t enjoy at all last year’s Red Bull Car Park Drift event but this year was a complete different story only because that I had VIP passes or “Friend” passes as they were called.

I never thought the difference would be that colossal, but it was, to a point where I felt bad for the “regular” viewers.

I left home around 7:15 pm and reached the Forum de Beyrouth by 7:55 pm and traffic was all over the place and I thought we won’t find a place to park, but then I see the Red Bull Friend sign and follow it until I reach an almost empty parking lot just for VIP guests. It’s like hell out there and there’s this small passage for VIP.

Once parked, we could have waited for designated cars to drive us to the entrance door but we thought we’d walk instead as it was near.

Entrance was very easy anywhere we showed the VIP passes and we finally got to the VIP lounge which is two floors above the ground. On the other hand, crowds had to wait endlessly to get searched and allowed in the public entrance gate.

Inside the lounge, there were comfy chairs and couches everywhere, an open and delicious buffet at every corner with small snacks, a Frank Wurst Kiosk, a Crepe Kiosk, a Cotton Candy Kiosk and Ice cream stand. There were also stands for alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and all were for free of course.

Added to that, the lounge was very spacious and reasonably crowded and we didn’t have to wait in turn for anything, except the PS3 gaming zone since there were two seats only. To make things better, there were waiters serving us at all time in case we needed anything.

As far as the drifting was concerned, we had an amazing view almost from anywhere inside the lounge and there were screens at every corner to cover what’s happening outside. Also and if you wanted a closer view of the car, you could go down two floors to a VIP designated area where you’d be few meters away from the car, but safely protected unlike the safety barriers outside.

I took lots of pictures and videos which I will be uploading later on and I really enjoyed the whole thing. Of course it was nothing like that outside where people were stacked on the highway and behind barriers steps away from the track, with all the heat and Garbage Mountain’s aweful smells and of course the tyres’ smell from the drifting.

This being said, as much as I loved it, I think organizers should take better care of those without VIP passes as it is unacceptable that they can’t find a safe place to park, a spot to watch from and a bottle of water or some refreshments. Also, I believe organizers should find a better location better suited to welcome large crowds and far away from the busy highway.

You can check out more pictures on the event [Here].