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Outdoor Activities in Antelias

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Under the patronage of the minister of public work, and in the presence of Miss Lebanon 2011 Yara El Khoury, Antelias municipality officials launched their first annual outdoor activities for children including:

1- 3k run on a busy highway from Jal el Dib bridge till Antelias bridge. Competitors are allowed to jump between cars to gain positions and can run against the traffic as well.

2- Crossing under the Antelias bridge competition organized for the first time in Lebanon. LBCI will be covering the event to recruit talented competitors for future “Cheyef 7alak” ads.

3- Dirt Biking from Admideast until Saniour Restaurant. Road has been demolished and destroyed for weeks now, preparing for the competition. Restaurants and pubs open there and enduring huge losses were encouraged to serve free food and arguile to the viewers and participants.

The opening event was a 10k bicycle race for children under 12 from Antelias municipality back and forth passing by the Antelias bridge (See Picture of winner above).

Best “Off” CHI.N.N

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I didn’t know members of Meen the band were doing a TV show these days. This is probably because I never watch Al Jadeed.
It’s called “Chi NN” and they were showing the Best “OFF” some old episodes two nights ago.

I did not get a chance to listen much to what they said, but few sketches were quite funny. However, I could not but help notice the Best “Off” with two Fs. It’s probably a mistake from the show director because it doesn’t make sense if it’s done intentionally.

They should have put “Best Oooooooof” instead, would have sounded funny.

A lebanese couple disappears in Jbeil

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This is one of the weirdest stories I’ve ever heard about in Lebanon. I was flipping through the LBCI news yesterday when they talked about this missing couple.

Charbel Ghaleb and his wife, Myriam Khadra, went missing Monday night in the town of Al-Kherbe, outside Jbeil, LBC television reported. [NowLebanon]

Apparently both were at their relatives’ house and went inside a bedroom to put their stuff and stayed in the room for a long while. An hour or two later, they came in to check on them and they had just disappeared.

The only way they could have gone out of the house was through a backdoor which leads to some nearby fields. The police however traced their footprints up to a certain point where they vanished.

Alien Abduction?

Saf2it Hawa

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A friend of mine had to leave work early yesterday because she was having some severe abdominal pain. She went from her work straight to the hospital’s ER and had some blood and urine tests.

After waiting for around 40 minutes, some doctor came out and told her: “Saf2it hawa 3al klewe, ma te3tale ham”.

What sort of medical diagnostic is this? What sort of medical term is saf2it hawa?

Even though I’d still take that over mistaking one arm for the other like what happened with Mark’s friend, it’s just absurd.

When I told my brother, who’s doing his internship in medicine in Atlanta, he laughed and it made his day. He told me they might have a “wind tunnel” at the hospital where they reproduce “saf2et hawa”.

I’ve been hearing quite often about lazy doctors who are abusing their patients’ ignorance and letting them go carelessly. What’s the use if one is the best doctor in the Middle East and is not serious about his job?

It seems what matters most nowadays is the “60$ Salemto” fee we have to pay for our 35 seconds visit.

PS: The girl’s doctor examined the tests later on and told her there’s no sign of appendix or irritable bowel and is probably due to extensive exposure to air conditioning.