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Escorts needed

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This was taken from new paper similar to Al Waseet and Al Hadaf called “Al Wassel”. I didn’t know escort services were even allowed in Lebanon.

Not sure if you guys noticed, but those in charge of this paper apparently like to put dots between every two digits for some reason as if it’s some IP address or location.

Estonians finally freed

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BEIRUT (AP) — Lebanon’s foreign minister says seven Estonians who were abducted nearly four months ago have been released.

A Lebanese security official said the seven were released in the Bekaa Valley and were on their way to Beirut. He spoke on condition of anonymity in line with regulations. [Link]

Good news to start our day.
Reports stated they were released near the village of Brital where most stolen cars end up.

Why don’t we have electricity?

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Seriously what’s with the hold up? Is it money? In Kuwait where I am currently living for example we had a power shortage last year. Kuwait was producing around 10,000 megawatts of electricity but we were using around 9,800. So this year they increased the production by by 2,000 so that we have 12,000 megawatts and they will keep increasing it until by 2015 we would be producing 20,000 megawatts.

From what I previously read Lebanon produces 1,500 megawatts of power. Why haven’t we doubled that or tripled that? Can’t we all pitch in like $10 and solve our electricity problem? The war has been over for over 20 years!

Why don’t we have trains?

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It’s obvious now that the Jounieh/Dora highways traffic problem is not going to be solves specially if they’re building bridge onramps right in the middle of the highway so how about the government builds a train track? Imagine how much traffic that would solve. I hate it how the government spends all their time fighting with each other instead of solving our current day to day problems. I’m pissed. For fucks sake we don’t even have 24 hour electricity yet!

Check out this article on Daily Star which talks about a guy called Elias Maalouf who wants to bring trains back to Lebanon. That’s a guy I respect. It’s probably a hopeless case but at least he’s passionate and doing something. [Link]

Lebanese Beauty Pageants & social media

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Update: Just thought I share with you this previous post I wrote on how the minister of tourism “wanted to go through the Miss Lebanon 2011 applicants this year in order to “ensure the competition’s high standards”. [Link]

I don’t know why social media was the main topic of this year’s Miss Lebanon event but I wish whomever organized this event lectured the participants earlier on social media tools and their use.

Here are few funny Q&A I did myself that are not directed towards any specific candidate, but inspired from what I heard from some friends and from articles I read online.

Host: How did you discover Twitter?

Miss Tahble: I was using Google for my final year project and I saw a cute little bird on the side of the page but I did not understand what it was so I asked my friend who is a Doctor in ‘Comuter’ Science and realized it was an online shop that sells birds that fly all the way to their buyer’s destination.

Host: And did your order a bird?

Miss Tahble: I did order one but I don’t know why it did not get here yet. Maybe they don’t deliver to Lebanon. We are terrorists (insert stupid laugh).

Host: Why do you prefer Twitter to Blogs?

Miss Takhchme: Ana je suis french-educated fa mon english is weak. Twitter a7san cause I don’t need to write more than deux phrases moufeedeen wara ba3ed en anglais.

Host: Why don’t you write in French then?

Miss Takhchme: Ohh ma fakkaret fiya. Fakkaret ma byekhoud 2ella anglais.

Host: Which do you prefer better, Twitter or Facebook?

Miss T7iyye: Ana I don’t use wala Twitter wala Facebook. Ana bass ba3mil Tweet la2anno ahyan chi wou mitil SMS wou BBM bass 3al internet.

Host: But Tweeting is for Twitter?

Miss T7iyye: Ah walla? Since when?

Host: What is your take on social media?

Miss Toule: I think we need more media that deal with our social needs and issues. Programs like Ne7na La Sawa Akeed 3al LBC wou ghayroun lezim yikoun fi aktar minnoun.

Host: How do you think Facebook can help us Lebanese?

Miss Tanfra: Facebook is very important to Lebanon and its economy. If I become Miss Lebanon, I will make training sessions for our farmers on Farmville so that they learn how to grow their fields better. Also I will ask the army to assign a special unit to play Empires & Allies so that we have a better army and defeat the Zionists and have a better tourism and party everyday bil Skybar.

Miss Lebanon caught cheating?

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There were reports of corruption and bribery in the recent Miss Lebanon Pageant but nothing confirmed yet. I must say it is not very hard to imagine “wasta” being used with some of the jury especially when the ministry of tourism is deeply involved this time.

However and funnily enough, it was the previous Miss Lebanon 2010-2011 Rahaf Abdallah who was apparently caught cheating during a final exam in LAU. [Link]

Another Riddle of the Day

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Anyone can guess which road this is? The reason I decided to make it as a riddle is that this is one of the most highly frequented shortcut roads in the Keserwan area, yet hasn’t been fixed for over 30 years maybe only until recently. I wish Zouk Mosbeh’s municipality kept records of when this road was last fixed, I can almost bet it was never touched since the day it was inaugurated.

Funnily enough, I spotted few banners from the municipality on that road saying no more pollution in Zouk Mosbeh. I fail to see how spreading new tarmac in a 100% industrial area will stop more pollution.