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Netgear with IDM

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Is anyone using a Netgear DSL modem with their IDM account? I bought a new Netgear model to replace the Thomson one I got from IDM but I can’t seem to get the Netgear modem to connect. I called up support but they don’t have details on all the settings. I know it’s PPPoE and the VPI/VCI is 0/35 but that’s the only information I’ve gotten from them and it doesn’t seem to be enough since my modem isn’t connecting. Any help would be appreciated!

Classic Burger Joint

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As I previously mentioned I’m going to be reviewing all the burger places while I am here in Lebanon on my vacation. I know other blogs have already reviewed most of the burger places here but I believe I bring a different view and that is one of a true burger lover.

I decided to pass by and try Classic Burger Joint today after reading a lot of positive feedback. I figured I would start with the favorite to set the bar for the rest but after trying Classic Burger Joint I don’t think I am going to do that.

I went to the new CBJ branch that opened up in downtown Beirut. The menu isn’t big, it’s got a few burgers, 2 desserts, 2 salads and that’s basically it. You can’t choose the thickness of the patty and when I placed my order the waiter didn’t even ask me how I wanted my burger. So far not a good sign. I decided to go with the Classic Cheese which according to the waiter is their most popular burger and I honestly have no idea why.

When the burger arrived I couldn’t see the beef patty. The bun was just too big and the patty was very thin. I read gourmet on the menu and I read authentic but the burger I had was nothing close. The patty tasted frozen and was very dry while the bun was just too big and overpowered the whole burger. The burger actually reminded me of the Crepaway and Roadster burgers which isn’t a good thing.

Overall I was really disappointed since I had high hopes and now not sure what to expect with the other burger places. The waiter asked me what I thought of my burger and I told him, I also left my feedback on their comments card so hopefully they’ll do something about it. Not a good start to my best burger in Lebanon hunt.

Underwater Beirut

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Beirut’s location and environmental condition sets it in the zone that will rise between 10 to 20mm/year in the best case scenario. To start understanding this rise and the effects a look at Beirut’s topography is required and then the effects in the next millennium or two of the rise of the Mediterranean on Beirut. The results are shocking and yet we remain unaware of them. What can we do and how can we build and plan our cities for the centuries to come?

A wake up call from Beirut the Fantastic to architects, the government, policy-makers, planners and engineers and the general public.

Updated: Where can I go without a visa?

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This is an update on last year’s post on VISA restrictions for Arab countries.

According to Henley & Partners’ Visa Restrictions Index, a global ranking of 194 countries according to the travel freedoms their citizen enjoy, passport holders from parts of the Arab world now need visas to enter more countries. Not surprisingly, the lowest-ranked Arab country was Lebanon with visa-free access to 33 countries. [Link]

Jad was kind enough to compile the list of countries Lebanese can have visa-free access to. Check out the full list [Here].