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What really happened in Antelias?

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I’ve given it some thought and the “financial and personal dispute” argument presented by the ministry of interior to justify yesterday’s blast could be plausible.

Why is that so? Four possible scenarios.

Note: I will be referring to both victims as Terrorist1 and Terrorist2.

Scenario1: Terrorist2 thought he’d impress his boss Terrorist1 and turned the mission into a suicide bombing one. What happened next obviously explains why he flunked his Intro to Suicide bombing class.

Scenario2: Terrorist2 thought he spotted Bush passing by so he threw his shoe and hit Terrorist1 instead. Terrorist1 is pissed off and throws the bomb at Terrorist2 and Kaboom!

Scenario3: Terrorist1 & Terrorist2 were gays and given the kneeling position Terrorist1 was presumably in when the blast occurred, he had issues with his partner’s sexual urges to try out new things, so he decided to blow himself rather than live in shame for what he’s about to do.

Scenario4: This in my opinion is the most credible of all the scenarios. Terrorist1 was working hard on setting up the bomb only to find out Terrorist2 borrowed some money from him and went to get a Cheese man2oushe from Bechara and did not get him one back. Terrorist1 wants his money back and starts a fight before he mistakenly set off the bomb.

Back on Twitter

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I registered first on Twitter back in September 2010 but it didn’t work out for me. Even until today, I still can’t find any use for it but there are lots of Lebanese on it and many are linking the blog’s posts and discussing them, so I am going to give it another shot.

Feel free to add me, or in Twitter terms follow me. My username is LeNajib.

PS: After Maya, it is Gino this time who convinced me of rejoining in.

S&P’s Credit Rating for Lebanon

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(Standard & Poor’s ratings per country)

To have an idea on where we stand, other governments rated B by Standard & Poor’s include Argentina, Belarus, Burkina Faso, Ghana and Honduras.

When compared to the Arab countries, Kuwait is rated as AA, KSA as AA-, Qatar as AA & UAE as AA.

You can check out credit ratings for all countries according to Standard & Poor’s [Here] and Moody’s [Here].

Lebanese are not that stupid

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Yesterday’s blast in Antelias could have easily killed a dozen people if not more, yet and according to the new interior minister Marwan Charbel, and I quote, “the explosion was a result of a financial and personal dispute between several people, including some car dealers.” [Naharnet]

I mean seriously??? All TVs reported that one guy was on his knees planting a bomb when it exploded in his hands. Do you need to plant a bomb under someone’s car to settle some old scores? Can’t you just smash it with a bat or scratch it?

“Our investigation so far does not point to an act of sabotage,” he told reporters.

How does it point to a personal dispute then? Those are two close friends coming to an area unknown to them, taking over 100,000$ from a nearby bank and almost succeeding in planting a bomb and running away.

I don’t care about the political background of the interior minister or the killers but claiming that this is a personal dispute is an insult to our intelligence.

I heart

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One of the readers reminded me of the website which has to be one of the oldest eCommerce websites in Lebanon. I think I got my first part from them back in 1998 and I remember passing by the guys house and picking it up from there (I think it was the Creative Labs Riva TNT). Since they have all the prices of all their items listed on the website I always used to use them as a price reference whenever I wanted to buy anything and they usually were the cheapest. Actually my favorite part about the website is how simple and straight forward it is. No fancy pictures or animations, just a long list of all the items they have in stock and their prices.

I’m glad they’re still around today and if you hadn’t heard of them before then now you do. Here is the link to their website [Link]