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Cobra gold : the world’s biggest bank robbery

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I was looking for articles on crimes in Lebanon when I fell on this 1976 fiction novel by a certain Damien Lewis.

Its summary goes as follows:

1976, war-torn Beirut city. Under the cover of a massive firefight, an unknown band of armed men blast their way into the Imperial Bank of Beirut. Over the next 48 hours they load up three trucks with gold bullion, and the raiders and the loot disappear forever.

Someone should make a movie out of it.

American Eagle Outfitters opening in Kaslik

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We received an email from one of our readers back in July saying that he spotted a billboard in Kaslik revealing the opening of an American Eagle Outfitters store.

Well the banner is up there now and it looks like they are opening soon.

For those who don’t know about American Eagle Outfitters, it’s a leading American clothing line which offers casual clothes to men and women from age 15-25 and is well known in the states for its originality, good quality and affordable prices.

Even though such news don’t really interest me as I don’t shop much, it’s good to have new clothing stores and more importantly to see Kaslik attracting more and more stores and getting back to life.

Thank you Joe

Cedarcom vs. MOT

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As some 4,000 Lebanese take 3G for a test-drive this month, battles continue to rage between the Telecommunications Ministry and Cedarcom, an Internet Service Provider petitioning for the technology’s suspension.

Cedarcom has taken legal action against the ministry, alleging that the government had not taken the proper legal routes to release the new service. [DailyStar]

I don’t know who’s right or wrong in this case, but I hope both parties reach some sort of agreement on this matter as it is unacceptable that we keep connections as they are.

It would be nice to hear Cedarcom’s feedback since they read the blog before we hear Sehnaoui tonight.