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Bad Knefe

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I was told yesterday that twenty people got food poisoned after eating Knefe at Sea Sweet in Adonis last week.

Has anyone else heard this story?

Because Sea Sweet is up and running and it doesn’t look like any incident occurred in the past few days.

UAE international Theyab Awana killed in car accident

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What a terrible loss for the UAE national football team!

The Emirati winger Theyab Awana was involved in a fatal accident when his car crashed into a truck on Sunday after leaving the national team’s camp, while his brother remains in hospital. [Source]

For those of you who follow the blog, he’s the UAE football star who shot the penalty with his back heel in a friendly against Lebanon, causing a controversy. [Link]

Da3it el Tasseh (ضاعت الطاسة)

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Ever wondered where that old Lebanese proverb came from?

Well I figured that out yesterday during my visit to the Soap Museum in Saida as the guide was showing us a collection of old objects used in the soap industry.

Turns out the “tasse” was a small tool used long time ago to shower and to take out the water as well, so every time it would get lost, bathroom would get flooded and everyone would be looking for it.

It is not the wheel cover like this site suggests.

For those who don’t know the proverb’s meaning, the expression is metaphorically used when referring to a chaotic situation, a chaotic organization, chaotic event, and so on.

Loading a YouTube video using 3G

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To really appreciate how much quicker is the 3G, I just loaded Party Rock Anthem YouTube video (6 minutes and 16 seconds long) in approximately 2 minutes.

Now let’s compare it with the 512K DSL connection on my desktop. After 5 minutes of loading, I was barely half way through.

Not Enjoying 3G so far

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I finally received today an SMS from MTC Touch notifying me that the “3G will now be active on my phone for a 1 month trial period”.

I quickly put my MTC Touch SIM in my friend’s Nokia N8 and tried connecting but was unable to. I called MTC and they told me there are few settings needed to be done and told me to check my email in 10 minutes time. This was 6 hours ago and I didn’t receive anything yet until two minutes ago I received settings for iPhones!

The only reason I didn’t use the SIM on my iPhone yet is that I need to cut the SIM to be able to plug it in, (My original line which I am using on the iPhone is an Alfa line) so I will fix it at a nearby mobile store and attempt the 3G once again back at home.

If anyone already received the settings for a Nokia from MTC Touch, I would appreciate if you share them.