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The Cedar Lounge at Beirut Airport

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When I traveled two weeks ago, I had the chance to go wait in the VIP Cedar Lounge for a change instead of roaming around in the duty free stores.

The place was nicer than I expected and had free internet access as well as free access to an open buffet and bar. The food however wasn’t that great as it mainly consisted of cold sandwiches, croissants and a small table for desserts.

I had a 3 hours wait, so after I ate and had a drink, I took a walk around the lounge and found a Kids area. I am not sure why it is called a Kids area as PS3s, Wii and Arcade games are not just for children. Also, you don’t get “Kids Area” when you translate “Salle des jeux” or “Sallat Al Al3ab” to English.

Anyway, I went in to try out all the games since there was no one and I had 2 hours to kill but it turned out nothing was working for some reason. So I headed back to my couch, watched some TV and browsed the internet.

It is definitely much better than waiting like everyone else does as the couches are really comfortable and the place is not crowded and you have free internet, but it is not that fancy for a VIP lounge.

3G Testing Phase has kicked off!

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As planned, the testing phase for the 3G technology started today and I was contacted, along with Mark & Chahe, by MTC Touch to take part in that testing.

I still did not receive any SMSes as the process might take few days, so we will have to wait before knowing how fast it is.

I was promised by a friend that he will activate the 3G feature on my Alfa line as well, which is great as I will have a chance to compare both.

Around Lebanon in 80 days

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Hani Nassar, a teacher, and his wife Barbara – who is battling bone cancer – and children Leonie and Leonard, 11 and 10-years-old, embarked on their journey on July 1 in Sidon and have since traveled across the country in a caravan painted as the Lebanese flag.

The aims of the journey, Hani Nassar said, were to show the coexistence of the Lebanese people; to reveal the beauty of the country and its people and finally to show the resilience of the human spirit. [DailyStar]

The Nassar family visited 1655 villages and towns in Lebanon and had every village or town’s mayor sign the Lebanese flag they plan to present to the President of the Republic Michel Sleiman.

The cool part is that they had planned to sleep in the caravan all 80 days, but instead only spent 15 nights in it as locals of most of the villages they visited welcomed them in their houses.

PS: I was just going through my Google reader and noticed I posted at almost the same time as Mustapha from the BeirutSpring did using the same title. Damn!