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Minister Charbel on Car Accidents in Lebanon

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It would be interesting to validate the sayings of our Minister of Interior, who stated yesterday that 85% of the accidents in Lebanon are due to speeding or reckless driving. [Link]

What about the conditions of the roads? The absence of signs and road lighting poles? The misplaced concrete separators? The 100 meters deep potholes? etc …

He also mentioned that Lebanese citizens should take good care of their cars and do the necessary check-ups.

If I am not mistaken, The “Mecanique” center in Hadath is supposed to do this check and last time I heard, corruption was all over this place and some guy almost killed a poor employee for failing his car despite the bribery offered.

The good news from yesterday’s press conference held by “KunHadi” is that the ISF were granted 800 helmets to wear them while on duty. Yay!

I have 3G but I don’t want it

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Both MTC & Alfa announced plans for 3G and officially launched it but what we all missed out is that they will be ripping us off for a period of 2-3 weeks.

How is that so?
While 3G is available for all users now, the mobile internet plans have not been upgraded yet. This means that if you have a 10$-50MB GPRS connection, you will be able to use 3G but only have 50MB until the next billing date.

I have the 10$-50MB Edge connection right now on my iPhone, and I’ve consumed a total of 125MB in 6 days time, by simply texting, tweeting, checking emails, whatsapp etc …

125MB means an additional 75MB = 7.5$ extra charge, which is 75% of the original cost. If I keep going at this rate, I might end up paying some 50$, or 400% extra charge before my next billing date.

I don’t know if it’s the same way for MTC users, but that’s the case for Alfa and I found it better to switch off 3G until my plan gets upgraded. Speaking of which, the plans will not be automatically upgraded, as each user will have to call in, cancel his/her current internet package and ask for the new one.

The only positive side of all that is that we are finally getting 3G, even though I am still worried huge loads will result in disconnections and slowness, like what happened with MTC & Alfa today.

Big Brother (Abdel-Hadi Mahfouz) is watching you

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The council’s president Abdel-Hadi Mahfouz Monday called on all Lebanese website hosts to register their websites at the council and said they would begin accepting applications Nov. 1.

Mahfouz didn’t specify the types of websites that need to register or the technical means to be used to create such a database. [DailyStar]

I go on and on in criticizing this law, but Mustapha said it best:

“It’s like asking us to walk into a prison so that they could protect us from murder.”

Karl from KarlreMarks Blog shares also our views on this matter.

Telecoms Ministry & Media

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[Full Image Part1 & Part2]

Before I post about the new 3G packages officially announced by Alfa & MTC, I have to ask why doesn’t the Telecoms ministry update its website and share with us the news?

It’s like we have to search online news portals, blogs, Twitter and Facebook everytime to know what’s happening with Sehnaoui and 3G launching. Is this some sort of game or competition I am missing out on?

Added to that, instead of bombarding us with SMSes to vote for Jeita Grotto, why not inform us of the new plans?

One last thing: Is it possible that a Telecoms minister doesn’t know the difference between Megabits and Megabytes?

Check out the Ministry of Telecommunications’ beautiful website [Here]

EFL Photography Competition

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[Photo Taken by Dominique Akl]

This photo as well as many others are part of the competition held by the Environmental fund for Lebanon. One of the most impressive pictures is the one below taken by David Habchy and entitled “Nature Clash”. It portrays the nature clash at the blue line: the border line between Lebanon (right side) and the Occupied Land (left side) (Landscape format). Same land but with different use of its resources. [EFL]

You can check out all the pictures [Here].

The Cedars Team could reach Rugby League World Cup 2013

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Lebanon’s National Rugby team, known as the Cedars team, won over Serbia 96-4 last week and beat Russia 32-0 over the weekend, boosting their chances to quality for the 2013 Rugby World Cup. [DailyStar]

We have a lot of talented players in Lebanon and I am quite sure we can achieve decent results if we qualify to the World Cup.

I myself played Rugby for two years back when I was in AUB, and I had a lot of fun but it is tough and requires a lot of commitment, not to mention that injuries are quite often, which is why I stopped.

You can check more about the World Cup 2013 [Here].