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Lebanon beats S.Korea 2-1

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Lebanon just won over South Korea 2-1!!!
Congrats to Lebanon and to all the Lebanese!

You should have listened to the LBC commentator during the game. He almost died of a heart attack. His last comment was “Jeeboulna el Brazil lachouf”. Badna nrou2 eh?

Lebanon to face South Korea

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Lebanon will face South Korea today in a FIFA World Cup qualifier that could boost Lebanon’s chances of reaching the final qualifying round for the world cup.

Lebanon had beaten Kuwait earlier last week and is currently second in the group, 3 points behind Korea.

Last time the two teams met back in September, South Korea won 6-0. However, our team has improved since then and will hopefully deliver a better result this time.

In other news, few schools in Beirut suspended their classes after 1 pm today in order to allow their students to attend the game and support the national team. [Link]

Update: Lebanon is winning 2-1 over Korea. End of 1st Half.

The Taxi Driver Killer : Lebanon’s first serial killer

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Al-Akhbar newspaper published today a lengthy article, supporting what I said yesterday, that Lebanon might be facing its first serial killer.

As it appears, the number of victims is 11 and not only 4 and all were killed the same way. Added to that, the only common point that was found by the police is that most of the victims are cab drivers.