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Saad Hariri & Ziad Baroud on Twitter

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Ex-PM Saad Hariri (@HaririSaad) fans are really enjoying his tweets as he is answering almost everyone and proving to be down-to-earth and nice. He invited me over for dinner along with @saharghazale. I will make sure to remind him when he gets back to Beirut.

Ziad Baroud (@ZiyadBaroud) on the other hand is not getting that personal but when asked about his opinion on the Spielberg censorship at Cinemacity, he answered that he’s against any form of censorship. That’s why we need him back at the Ministry of Interior.

For those interested in reading about some of the most interesting Lebanese users of Twitter, Mustapha has come up with a comprehensive guide that you can check [Here].

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Jeita Grotto almost got disqualified

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MTC Touch received a warning from the organizers of the New Seven Wonders competition for violating competition laws over its donation of 100,000 votes for Lebanon’s Jeita Grotto.

Nabil Haddad, the general manager at Jeita, told LBC Thursday that MTC’s stunt was illegal, but said that the situation is being resolved to prevent the organizers from denying Jeita the right to remain in the race.[Link]

I received an email two days ago asking me to download some software that will automatically vote for Jeita every time I enter a text or a number. Of course I did not download it but that pretty much tells you everything about this competition. Thank God it finishes tomorrow!

PS: Didn’t vote yet

Cinemacity employee behind Spielberg censorship?

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Tandis qu’hier le blog Baladi a mis la lumière sur ce fait, photos à l’appui, et que plusieurs organisations se sont prononcées sur ce qu’elles qualifient d’ultime bêtise, les bandes ont été finalement décollées des affiches… sans pour autant apaiser le débat qui les entoure. [Full Article]

After the big fuss that the selective censorship at Cinemacity post did yesterday, L’Orient-Le Jour’s Sandra Noujeim investigated the issue further and showed in her report that the General Security had nothing to do with the matter.

As it turns out, it was a Cinemacity employee who took the liberty of covering Spielberg’s name, and not the General Security Directorate. Whether he did it with the administration’s consent or without it is still unknown.

Confirmant ces propos, une source de l’agence des films Sony, qui dispose du film en question, a renvoyé la responsabilité de cet acte à une erreur de gestion incombant au Cinema City, plus précisément à un employé qui a pris la libre initiative de biffer le nom de Spielberg. Comment donc ces bandes ont-elles été maintenues, si leur apposition n’a pas reçu le feu vert de l’administration ?

The funny thing is that the Cinemacity administration blamed the General Security for the decision, who in return denied any involvement. Nevertheless, what matters is that the name is no longer censored (even though I have to see it to believe it).

In other Tintin-related news, the Vatican “called Tintin a ‘Catholic hero’ and ridiculed suggestions he may be racist”. [Link]

Tintin is racist? Seriously?

Football training for kids at Hoops Antelias

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I’ve been going to Hoops Antelias every Saturday for the past month to play Basketball and every time, there’s a football coach training young kids, or at least pretending to do so.

Check out in the picture above how many kids are playing at the same time and you will know what I mean. I could understand a team of 6 or even 7 but 30 players on a mini-football field is too much.

PS: There are 6-8 extra kids on the other side of the field.

Selective censorship at Cinema City

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I went to Cinema City in City Mall yesterday to watch the new Tintin movie. The movie was produced by Steven Spielberg, but you wouldn’t know that just by looking at the posters. Steven Spielberg’s name is blacked out on all posters!

I guess that we shouldn’t mention or see his name since he’s jewish, but we can go ahead and watch a movie he produced. I wonder whose decision this was: Cinema City or the Government?