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Christmas traffic

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I don’t know if less people are shopping this year, or the concerned ministry did some changes, but traffic this year during Christmas is not that bad. I expected much worse but it’s not that frustrating when compared to everyday traffic or even past years. I visited ABC Achrafieh and Dbayyeh like 10 times already, went to Kaslik 3-4 times, Beirut Souks once, so it can’t be just luck. Yesterday, I left Achrafieh around 5pm and reached Khoury Home Dora in 30 minutes, then it took me 25 minutes to reach ABC Dbayyeh and another 30 minutes to Jounieh.

Surprisingly enough, the only time I got stuck in an unexpected traffic was a week ago when going from Jounieh to ABC Dbayyeh, but since then it’s been relatively ok. It could be that I’ve become immune to traffic, or it’s the Christmas spirit kicking in, but all in all Christmas traffic was not so horrible after all!

Samsung Galaxy Note is a phone?

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I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw a friend talking on her new Samsung Galaxy Note the other day. It looks nice and all but it’s too freakin’ big to be a phone! It reminded me of the old Nokia Communicator or one of the first Nokia cellphones except it’s bigger!

Samsung’s trying to portray it as neither being a phone nor a tablet but that’s just silly. It’s the biggest goddamn phone ever!

Giant Heineken Bottle filled

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There’s one day left before Christmas eve and the bottle is almost filled. If the Giant Heineken was truly automatically synchronized with the website, and no manual intervention occurred, then the timing of the campaign was perfect.

Now what they should do is come up with a real giant Heineken bottle and invite beer lovers to drink it.

Nahhas vs. Mikati

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While Nahhas and Mikati keep scoring points again each other, the minimum wage law is yet to be implemented and the prices are increasing by the day.

PS: Graphs do not reflect real percentages as I just drew them to reflect what’s happening.

Christmas tree in Beirut among the prettiest in the world

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The Christmas tree in Beirut was featured in the Huffington post as being among the prettiest Christmas trees in the world. Check out the other trees that made the cut from around the world [Here].

The Christmas tree from the Huffington is from 2010. I updated the picture above and you can see the video portraying the Beirut Christmas tree [Here].