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When did Hamra become cool?

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I finally got to experience nightlife in Hamra tonight for the first time since back in 2000 (I’m old and live abroad so don’t hate me). Last time I partied in Hamra, Blues Alley was kicking ass and I’m not even sure if the place is even around today. The night started off typically with me lost in Beirut. I was trying to get to the main Hamra Street and didn’t know where that was. Finally spotted two guys walking on the side of the road so I pulled over and asked for directions. Turns out they were European tourist but were still able to point me towards Hamra Street. Embarrassing to say the least.

I was supposed to meet up with a friend at a pub called Black Lilly but I got there early and decided to kill time walking in Hamra. Noticed some people walk into an alley and decided to follow them and to my surprise I ended up surrounded by around 6 to 8 pubs. I was in heaven. I called my friend up and told him where I was, he told me to wait for him at a place called Colon. Once he got there we went pub hopping and I have to say Hamra is way cooler than Gemmayze. Going back tomorrow night!

Ten Outstanding Lebanese Blogs

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Najib forgot to post the list so here it is, the Top Ten blogs according to Communicate magazine… *drum roll* …and the winners are:

1) Beirut/NTSC*
2) Beirut Drive-by*
3) Joe’s Box*
4) UxSoup
5) Marketing in Lebanon
6) Joernals
7) The Social Media & Personal Branding Blog
8) NittyGriddy
9) Ink on the Side
10) Gino’s Blog*

The one’s with *’s are my personal favorites. Check out the latest issue of Communicate [Here]

Ten Oustanding Lebanese blogs?

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I enjoy reading Communicate Magazine and we’ve been featured in that magazine quite a few times, but their top ten Lebanese blogs list in the December 2011 issue is very disappointing to say the least. Don’t get me wrong as there are some great blogs featured which I enjoy reading and follow daily but if the list is based on how consistent the blog is in terms of posts, some of the top ranked blogs in the list barely post once per month. If it is based on the blog’s popularity, some are so lousy they aren’t even ranked in Lebanon.

Put aside BlogBaladi as I am not writing this post because we weren’t included, but how can you make a list of Lebanese blogs and not mention the BeirutSpring or for example?? Those blogs, along with few others, have been here forever, are daily updated, very interesting to read and are popular not just in Lebanon, but in the whole area.

I know it’s just a list, but given that the magazine has a whole section dedicated to the Lebanese Blogosphere, they should know better.

Update: Apparently the list is based on blogs related to marketing & communication only and the blogs aren’t in order. They should have mentioned that as it makes more sense now.

Walk of Causes – Lebanon

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Episode 1: For Peace and Health

They started their journey in the spring of 2010, documenting their steps as they went. From the rights of domestic workers, to freedom of press, or the Armenian genocide, each day brought with it a new cause to walk.

Two Norwegian travelers, Jørgen and Matias, decided to go trekking through Lebanon’s rugged and mountainous terrain without the aid of a map or a compass, and raise awareness as well as funds throughout 14 episodes for local issues such as poverty, orphans, cluster bombs etc ..

What a great initiative! I hope they’ll be rewarded for their efforts by the authorities or at least the ministry of tourism.

Via BeirutSpring

Great Gift Idea – Nespresso Essenza

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BHV at City Mall have a really great deal on the Nespresso Essenza machine. The usual price is around LL350,000 but yesterday they started selling them for $160 which is a great price. It would make a great Christmas gift but they only had 4 left last night and I picked up 2 so if you want one HURRY.

City Mall Christmas Tip – Don’t park in City Mall!

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If you’ve tried going to City Mall at night then you know what I’m talking about. Finding a parking spot is literally impossible and driving around looking for one is a waste of time. Instead I’ve got a tip for you, just don’t park in City Mall.

Instead park across from City Mall on the other side of the highway. There are PLENTY of parking spots available and then just use the cool multi-floored pedestrian bridge to get to the other side. The pedestrian bridge drops you right at the City Mall entrance. You save a lot of time this way and the bridge is actually pretty neat.