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Live TV Fight on Al-Jazeera

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The guy showing his back is a Lebanese called Joseph Abou Fadel. He is presumably a political analyst? The other guy is a member of the Syrian Opposition. I wish they kept filming and showed us the whole fight.

For those of you who missed Alloush vs. Chaker fight, click [Here].

O&C First victim of Jal el Dib bridge works

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After the collapse of the Achrafieh building, and rumors that the Jal el Dib bridge could collapse any second, the authorities decided to close down the bridge and widen the adjacent road.

This all sounds great but why did they block the entrance to the O&C Fresh Market? What’s the use of all those piles of concrete blocks separating cars coming from inside Jal el Dib and those coming from the highway?

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo only showing in Sodeco

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The movie was released on the 5th of January, which is less than a month ago, and was showing in Cinemacity but is now only showing in Sodeco theaters.

I’ve heard that there are some violent rape scenes in the movie which have forced theaters to show it at a late hour and then restrict it to one theater, which is really stupid.

There are tons of violent movies out there and I don’t see anyone complaining. Added to that, the movie is apparently great and scored an impressive 8.2 on IMDB. Isn’t it easier to just restrict it to people under 18?

You can watch the trailer [Here].

Update: Visual replaced with correct one

Kaslik 3G-Unfriendly

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I’ve been to Olio Pizzeria, The Chase restaurant and Empire theaters in Kaslik in the past week and I could not detect 3G in any of them. In fact, I didn’t get even get Edge. Weirdly enough, you get full 3G coverage if you go across the street from Olio to Casper & Gambini’s.

Big Fire erupts at Beirut Mall

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Civil Defense teams succeeded on Saturday in extinguishing a fire that broke out at Beirut Mall in al-Tayyouneh. The fire, which was caused by electrical wire friction, erupted in three power generators at the mall at 9:00 am. [Naharnet]

It looks like a big fire as it erupted at 9:00 am and was only extinguished an hour ago. No news yet on whether the mall was badly damaged or not.

Update: Another fire erupted just now at Beirut Mall which will be closed today.

Update2: Check out pictures of the fire displayed on LBC website.

Le mythe d’un pays qui ne cesse de se mentir à lui-même

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Quotidien léthargique. État comateux. Cherté de vie en crescendo. Et l’on s’adapte. Embouteillage encore, tempête de pluie, coupures d’électricité, immeuble qui s’écroule. Demain tout sera oublié. C’est le mythe d’un pays qui ne cesse de se mentir à lui-même. [Full Article]

A very nice article by Hala Moubarak featured in today’s L’Orient le Jour on the few hundreds of young Lebanese born in wartime and still hoping to change this country for the better.