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Kuwait leads Lebanon in freedom of the press

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I always thought Lebanon would be ahead of other Arab countries in terms of freedoms, but according to this report, Kuwait is ahead of us in terms of freedom of press.

Here’s a list of the top 20 countries, as compiled by Mark from

1- Kuwait (78)
2- ****** (92)
3- Lebanon (93)
4- UAE (112)
5- Qatar (114)
6- Oman (117)
7- Algeria (112)
8- Jordan (128)
9- Tunis (134)
10- Morocco (138)
11- Iraq (152)
12- Palestine (153)
13- Libya (154)
14- Saudi Arabia (158)
15- Egypt (166)
16- Sudan (170)
17- Yemen (171)
18- Bahrain (173)
19- Iran (175)
20- Syria (176)

PS: In order to stay safe and not be labeled as a Zionist, or accused of attending their meetings, I censored Country #2.

Nazi windmill @ Wooden Bakery

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Did anyone else notice the swastika?

On a different note, the swastika wasn’t created by the Nazis. They have been used for centuries by Buddhists and Hindus as a symbol of auspiciousness. I remember seeing a lot of swastikas in the markets of Kolkata, India. [Link]

Leave Saad Hariri alone

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Ever since news spread that Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri broke his leg while skiing in the French Alps, jokes and critiques started pouring in all over the net. “Mich 3ejbitto Faraya, ra7 3al Alps”, “Di3ano ma ya3mil Ski bil Alpes” among others.

What’s the big deal if the man likes to ski and can afford going to the Alps? Have you seen the Alps slopes when compared to the Faraya slopes?

Added to that, Faraya is not cheap at all if you’re planning a weekend there and everyone speaks French up there, so it’s not that different from the Alps come to think of it.

My Shame: A Lebanese in Madagascar

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Androka and Antsikoroke – a village closer to Ambohibola – were part of the villages that have seen women leave to work in Lebanon and I had the fortune, or rather misfortune, to find out that two of these women are now missing. The Androka woman was supposed to return home 3 years ago and the Antsikoroke woman was supposed to return home 12 years ago. Shocked yet? Let me continue, the Androka woman stopped sending money home at one point for no known reason and the Antsikoroke never even contacted her family. Now you might think I’m jumping to conclusions here by claiming that both women are probably enslaved or dead but what if I told you that 17 Malagasy maids died in Lebanon last year? What if I told you that foreign domestic workers are not covered by Lebanon’s labor laws?

An interesting and must read post by a Lebanese who spent two months in Madagascar as a WWF volunteer. [Link]