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Latest Version Diner Opening Soon

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Burger places and Steak houses are the latest trend in Lebanon, hence the latest version diner combining both. I am not sure if the idea will work; I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

LVD is located near ChopSticks and Shtrumph in Dbayyeh. Its logo reminds me of another restaurant’s logo but I can’t remember which.

Vintage Volkswagen 181, aka the Thing

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I spotted this old Volkswagen parked in the Jounieh souks while heading to work this morning. If my search is correct, this is a newer version of the old Volkswagen Kübelwagen. the Kübelwagen was for the Germans what the jeep was for the Allies and was heavily used in WWII.[Link]

This vintage VW model was called Volkswagen 181, or “the Thing” by the Americans, and was produced between 1969 and 1980. [Link]

It looks in great shape for a 30+ year old car.

Upgrading my internet connection

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The first time I called WISE to check if they are going to upgrade their internet packages was in October. Back then, they made me wait until December only to inform me that Wise machines can’t be upgraded!

I stayed on my 512K connection until WISE called me back in January 2012 informing me about their DSL packages and offering me the 150$ installation and machine fees for free, or something like that. The deal was good so I prepared all the necessary papers and emailed them. I chose the 2MB – 20 GB plan for 50$.

I was eagerly waiting to have a decent connection at home once and for all until I was informed by WISE that my phone line cannot handle more than a 1MB connection, and that I should check with the local “Central” (Government Telecom center).

Why the hell doesn’t anyone inform us about such things? Just thinking of the hassle I have to go through to upgrade my phone line, if that’s even possible, is depressing.

I guess I have to stick to the 1MB for now.

PS: I would say thank God for 3G but the service has been so crappy lately that I don’t even know where to start.

Pizza hut delivery man stabbed & robbed

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Alaa Safwan, 23, had just delivered a pizza from Pizza Hut when he was intercepted by a silver Nissan Tida, a statement from Pizza Hut said. Three men got out of the car and stabbed Safwan. They proceeded to rob him of LL250,000 in cash and the remaining pizzas in his possession. [DailyStar]

If it was a KFC or Hawa Chicken “delovery”, policemen would have stopped the robbery and caught the thieves in no time.

LBCI basketball coverage getting better

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We finally have a time display at all time and they don’t cut off the games anymore because the news are on. At least, that’s what happened today.

The reason why the game was delayed is funny though. Champville, who were playing Riyadi in Manara-Beirut, refused to start their game unless all Riyadi fans are taken out from behind their bench, for security reasons. As far as I can recall, it was Champville that started the fight last time and not Riyadi. Moreover, If any team should be worried about its security when playing against Riyadi, it’s Sagesse and they never asked for such a thing.

Riyadi won by the way and are now back on top.