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Awesome MTC

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It took only a tweet and an email to fix my friend’s problem. I hope they will fix this bug in their system, but thumbs up for the great customer service.

In details, I tweeted MTC Touch about the problem linking them to the blog post and I emailed the person who helped me set up the 3G pilot testing a few months back. They replied to me within 15 minutes and told me that the problem can be fixed and activated the 1Gb plan on my friend’s number an hour later.

What the hell MTC?

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A friend of mine went on the MTC website yesterday to see how he can upgrade his 3G plan from 500Mb to 1Gb as he has been exceeding his consumption by some 300-400Mb every month.

Noting that he had not received his invoice statement yet nor an SMS from MTC, he followed the instructions on the website and de-activated his 500Mb plan and then moved on to activate the 1Gb plan.

It wasn’t working so he called MTC hotline who informed him that he will have to wait until the next cycle (his cycle was on the 15th) to activate the new plan and that he will have to stay a whole month without internet. Best practice is to de-activate the plan one day before the cycle ends and then re-activate it the next day.

What sort of non-sense is that? Why can’t MTC simply upgrade the plan and that’s it?

Added to that, MTC can easily make money from such customers who wish to upgrade their plans even if it meant paying extra and they say no?

Update on Dr.Hankir’s arrest

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I had posted few days ago clarifications regarding Dr Zackaria Ahmed Hankir’s arrest and how he collects weapons as a hobby. While Dr.Hankir stated that he was mistreated and humiliated, the Lebanese Army issued a press release today denying what happened and insisting that Dr.Hankir does not have the right to possess such weapons and that most his weapons are operational.

I am not sure if it’s legal to own such guns, but I must say that’s one heck of a collection this man has!

Thank you Randa Berri

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There’s an Arab proverb that says “مصائب قوم عند قوم فوائد”, which basically means that while some people might be harmed by a certain event or incident, others might actually benefit from it. As it appears, the incident that sparked the issue of food safety was the poisoning of Randa Berri, wife of Speaker Nabih Berri during the Independence Day ceremony.

This led Speaker Nabih Berri to interrupt his dinner and leave Baabda palace.

If that’s how things get done in Lebanon, we can only hope that Gebran Bassil has a claustrophobic relative and that he/she will get stuck in a tiny elevator for an hour or two because there’s no electricity. We can also pray that Sehnaoui’s friends or relatives get lost some time soon for a few hours in the mountains with no 3G or network coverage and finally that our Minister of Public Works’ wife breaks her Ferrari’s suspension in one of Lebanon’s potholes.

Randa Berri may have found the solution to all our problems in Lebanon! Thank you again!