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What happened on the MEA flight?

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Supposedly what happened was the guy was coming out of the bathroom and he accidentally stepped on a woman’s foot. Instead of apologizing he kissed her (I’m guessing some kind of air blown kiss kinda thing) and the woman’s husband got upset and the incident happened.

If you missed the video of the plane fight click [Here]

After SOPA & PIPA, it’s time to Stop LIRA!

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The Lebanese government is trying to kill freedom of expression on the internet by imposing the Lebanese Internet Regulation Act, or LIRA. The man behind this proposal is Walid el Daouk, the minister of information.

I am quite amazed on how our Prime Minister Najib Mikati who is internet savvy, would allow such an idea to be proposed in the first place. He knows that the internet is for everyone and regulating it means killing it.

If you want more information on LIRA, check the original draft in Arabic, Trella’s take on it and an English translation for those who don’t read Arabic.

More crime, this time in Adonis

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So two days back I posted about the FJ that got stolen from my neighbors place in Seheili. Well today a friend of mine was leaving her office in Adonis at 3:30 in the afternoon when some guy tried to steal her purse! He grabbed her purse from the handle but she was able to grab the shoulder strap and then proceeded to scream and hit him with some books she was carrying before he ran off. This happened in broad daylight at 3:30 in the afternoon in a densely populated and safe area! What the hell is going on in Lebanon?

The FJ owner btw ended up paying the thieves $9,000 to get his car back.

New History Book of Lebanon

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It is one thing to write history from a subjective point of view and a whole different thing to wipe out historical events.

For those of you unaware, there’s apparently a new history book that is due to be approved by our government, where key events in Lebanon’s history have been ignored, such as Zahle battle in 1981 or the invasion of the Baabda palace on the 13th of October 1990 by the Syrians and others. Those are two of the many historical events mentioned in the news.

It doesn’t matter who won this war or not, but history is for new generations to learn from, and must be as objective and informative as possible.

Update: Prime Minister Najib Mikati has suspended the proposal for this new book and asked to forget this issue for the time being, at least until a new history book that is accepted by all sides is proposed.

Zouk Power Plant

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Thousands were protesting yesterday against nuclear power all over Europe and Japan while we are building more sea resorts and buildings around the Zouk Power Plant.